random battles

  1. professorbeej

    Chrono Engine Pop-up with Random Battles

    Hey, guys. I am just learning RMMV, but I ran across Chrono Engine by MOGHunter. I love the overworld battles and all that, but I also wanted to use the standard turn-based mechanics instead of active-time. I can't quite figure out how to set it so that I have random encounters active, but...
  2. DreamX

    Limited Random Battles

    Limited Random Battles v1.0 By DreamX   Introduction/Features With a variable you can put a limit on the number of random battles on a map. Patch Notes None How to Use Right click and save as a .js file.  * Put this notetag in your map <random_battle_variable:x> with x being the...
  3. Events after Random Battles

    So I a made a troop that only appears in a small number of locations with a extremely low encounter chance. I want to know if there was a way to transfer the player to a location after encountering and beating this random creature. I tried add transfer player under Battle event, but it doesn't...

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