random battles

  1. CG-Tespy

    CGT RandomEncounterToCommonEvent MV

    Introduction I was thought it'd be cool to add a feature that makes it so that players can choose to fight a random encounter instead of being forced into the battle screen every X or so steps. Hence, this plugin! When a switch of your choice is set to On, it executes the Common Event of your...
  2. RMMV ___________Devil's Dungeon - The hardest action, strategy RPG you will ever play!___________

    Devil's Dungeon SYNOPSIS Devil’s Dungeon is an action - strategy game made with one singular objective: Gameplay. In this game, you create your own original character, choose from the 21 different classes, 126 weapon arts and 84 spells to create your own, unique battle style. Instead of...
  3. professorbeej

    Chrono Engine Pop-up with Random Battles

    Hey, guys. I am just learning RMMV, but I ran across Chrono Engine by MOGHunter. I love the overworld battles and all that, but I also wanted to use the standard turn-based mechanics instead of active-time. I can't quite figure out how to set it so that I have random encounters active, but...
  4. DreamX

    Limited Random Battles

    Limited Random Battles v1.0 By DreamX   Introduction/Features With a variable you can put a limit on the number of random battles on a map. Patch Notes None How to Use Right click and save as a .js file.  * Put this notetag in your map <random_battle_variable:x> with x being the...
  5. Events after Random Battles

    So I a made a troop that only appears in a small number of locations with a extremely low encounter chance. I want to know if there was a way to transfer the player to a location after encountering and beating this random creature. I tried add transfer player under Battle event, but it doesn't...

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working on the house you explore in the beginning of my game. it's the first major area... part exploration, part battles. just need to script events and setup the on screen enemies.
I'm having way too much fun with these character designs

Accomplished a longstanding goal: transitioned from windowskin graphics to native canvas drawing for windows. No more window.png or resizing individual mask images; Bitmap and Window classes handle it all seamlessly now.

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I haven't check my game DL in a while. So time to see if I get a error 404 message. Because I deleted it due to a lack of space. Or it instantly crashes the second it starts. Or if I end up in some random map because I forgot to reset the start point. Or any combination of them.

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