random loot

  1. dingk

    Loot Tables v1.0.0 (2020-04-29)

    Loot Tables v1.0.0 Author: dingk RMMV version 1.6.2 Launched April 29, 2020 Download Itch.io Link -or- Raw Source (Right-click > Save As...): Commented Version ( 29 KB ) Minified Version ( 17 KB ) Introduction Do you need your enemies to drop more loot or change how the game drops items...
  2. Yawgmoth

    How to Random Loot Quickly

    Hi all, I have a fairly complete database of weapons, armors, and items. I am using Yanfly's augment plugin to add sockets to armors and weapons which considerably increases both weapons and armors. I am looking for a fast and easy way to generate random loot. I think I would like this to be...
  3. Animebryan

    Need plugin for Randomized Loot from chests using 'Item Pools'

    What I need is a plugin for randomizing loot from chests using 'Item Pools', similar to the item pools used in The Binding of Isaac. The idea would be to use notetags with either numbers or names to designate which item pool an item is apart of, with the possibility to be part of more than 1...
  4. Nirwanda

    Random loot and you

    I've been thinking of adding random loot to my dungeon crawling game. What are your thoughts on it? Do you enjoy it, hate it or are indifferent to it? Do you save scum for it? What about using save points instead of a save anywhere mechanic? Would that reduce your chances to abuse saves? EDIT...
  5. Rello

    Soul Sinner

                                                                                                                Premise: Soul Sinner revolves around a cast of humans waging a war against the Angels of Heaven. The Angels are metaphorically feeding off of humanity's vigor, and then literally from...

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