1. RMMV PT Variance

    Hi. Does anyone know if there is a way for TP (who're used in TP Gauge for a LimitBreak-Like System) to be subject to a Variance ? For exemple, my skill gimme theoretically 6 TP per hit. I would like put a Variance on this 6 TPs gifted per Hit, like a Variance50% , means, hit would gift me...
  2. Omarproductions

    RMMV [Solved] Javascript Array for Random Number Generator Without Repeats for Variables

    Hello Everyone, how are you doing? I'm developing a game for my birthday, where it will be used a as game show to quiz people on video game trivia and video game challenges. Most of the fundamental pieces of codes are working, however one is incomplete, and that's the random number generator...
  3. Random skill given to character in each turn of the battle

    HI I'm trying to make a special battle system where in each turn, the character's four skills get randomized in a pool of 100 skills, so each turn the character will have different and random skills. Is there any way to do this? Also I want it to skip straight to the skill selection when...
  4. Mercedes90

    Make a Randomized Variable not to run the same number twice in a row?

    The title itself is the full question. I've been doing randomized commands inside a few events that I'm currently working on and the way the Control Variable, when set to operand "Random between 1 to 10", sometimes is randomly choosing the same number two to three times in a row, giving the end...
  5. Mercedes90

    Random BGM? And "Switch OFF" BGM event IF Interacting with other certain events?

    I've been trying to make a parallel event that randomly plays BGM. But the problem is that they play only for a minute and then fade out even though the song is longer than that. Secondly, I've tried to do Switches so that the BGM event will deactivate when interacting with certain events...
  6. T3sCoconuts

    Random weather system

    Hi all, So I just made a random weather system veritable More or less, Random dice roll triggered of game time, 60 frames a min, 1 roll a hour 1 to 100 If 1 - 50 nothing 50 -70 rain 70 -80 heavy rain 90 - 100 storm This is so far a demo of this system so I'm going to be adding more changes...
  7. Shawnyadeadhomie

    RMMV Randomly Draw Skills/ Card Based Combat

    I was wondering if there was a way to randomly draw skills? I'm making a sort of a card based battle system. Actors can equip cards that give them access to skill, but I want them to only be able to draw a limited number at a time and when they expend them they can draw another. Is this...
  8. _C_Thun_

    Starting my very first project (Visual and implementation questions)

    Hey there! Soo... I'm not sure where to start this, so I'll jump right into it. This is my very first time with RPG Maker (MV) and with game development in itself. My idea is about an endless, Undertale-like game, where you have to handle periodically spawning mobs in random order -either with...
  9. ArcanaMoonShine

    RMMV Random Reward

    Ok, random rewards are a core part of my game an honestly... i can powerthrough the whole process, will be LONG and tedious, but i can do it! Yet... i would love to spare me some time here, does anyone knows how to do a Random Reward system via script? Or a plug in or something? Like a i said, i...
  10. totalwarANGEL

    RMMZ Random Treasures (Version 1.0)

    Hello there! :ehappy: After lurking around here, I've decided to post something. I am working on a game for quit some time and maybe never finish it *lol*. While developing I wrote some plugins for myself. This one here is the first I thought maybe someone else could need that. I searched the...
  11. guking

    How do I set set a variable that changes when another variable changes?

    Hey! So, I'm making a system that every day a store gets a random supply demand, but I'm not really sure how to set up that. The idea is: the player will choose which item he will go out and collect, so he will see what the store is lacking and set up a quest to go out and get it for the...
  12. tammie

    Random Events in RMXP?

    I am wanting to add a system to my RPG Maker XP game in which, whenever the player is traveling on the road and enters a new area, then a random event will possibly spawn on the road. The events will vary greatly (e.g., bandits trying to get money from you, a traveling merchant, etc.) I am not...
  13. Random NPCs

    Hey all! I’m not sure if what I’m looking for is too specific to make in RPGMaker, and I’m not sure if I should switch to a different platform, but I’m having some trouble making random NPCs. Here’s what I’m looking for: I am trying to make a tavern-management game, where customers are randomly...
  14. Event that will run 3 random events each??

    How do I make a common event that will call 1 out of 3 other specific common events and then exclude the called common event and then call 1 out of the remaining specific common events until all specific common events are called? I don't know how to do this using variables...
  15. Doopis_Doop

    How can I calculate a variable and attack with said variable

    I want to use variable calculations to attack. So say in the battle you click the attack button, well i want this to happen. This here is what my common event looks like: Set Variable Attack Random [1-20] Text: "Your attack is [Attack Variable]" Set variable Enemy Defense Random [1-20] Text...
  16. remainderstudios

    lose item by script call? VX ACE

    Hi all. I was looking for a script for the player to lose an item randomly when an event occurs but I can't find the script call. Does anyone know how to do it? Thank you
  17. Animebryan

    Making a skill with Random Effects

    Is there a way to make a skill that has random effects? Like the Chance spell from the Dragon Quest series.
  18. ozubon

    ♪♫ It's A Self-Playing Piano! (Pianola) ♪♫

    ozu_Pianola.js 1.3 by ozubon Introduction This silly plugin attempts to create procedural music based on music theory. The pianola creates a song for itself, with varying length, scale, key, chords and fullness. When it's done playing its song it will make a new one. And a new one. Forever...
  19. T3sCoconuts

    Hi all, life in a game have you thought about it?

    just saying hi, wanted to post something random as a general topic though i really have no idea if its correct on not for this forum, i ok so 2 part question and a few of rules for the 2en part, part 1, think of your favorite game, preferably a RPG but a it could be a story in general as long...
  20. Parallax Panda

    Weapon that attacks 1~5 times...

    ...is it possible? Well, I'm sure it is. But keep in mind I'm not a programmer. In MV you can grant a weapon additional attacks quite easily but you can't seem to set the chance for them to occur anywhere? What I'd like to do is have something like a dagger or spear that has the chance to hit...

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