1. wolfpak692

    How to Randomize Whether Followers are Male/Female

    I have searched around and not been able to locate this info anywhere... I want to be able to make it random whether a follower you get can be either male/female, such as a Thief, warrior, etc...  Is there a way to do this?  Would i use a variable?
  2. Special question that I can't put into a title

    Okay so, here's what I want to do: Instead of basic treasure chests, I want the player to pick up the treasure chest and place it in their inventory to be opened later when they buy a key from a shop. Once they use the key on the chest in their inventory, the treasure chest will cycle through...
  3. braisem

    Random teleportation event help

    Hello, I have been fiddling with some random event guides and while I've gotten a few to work They don't really accomplish what I'm needing. What im trying to do is this. You are on map A and you touch a teleportation tile that tile has a 60% chance of sending you to map B a 30% chance of...
  4. 2 Shadow 1

    How to make an event play randomly

    Hi... How do I make an event play randomly (or every, say 10 steps) because I can't find anywhere that says how to accomplish this... (I want to have the screen flash dark for a second or two) Thanks! (also is there anything important that I should know here... because I have no idea...
  5. Random dungeons/levels

    Hi! I wanted to ask if it's possible to create random levels for missions, for example a mission that takes place in a deep forest, the level would always have the forest design, however it would have different structure, enemies and items everytime the player goes there, of course this would...
  6. Kino

    EIS Random Items

    EIS Random Items A short script that lets you give items to the player randomly from a list (array) you declare. This can be good if you want to replicate something like gathering points from Monster Hunter. Or, put a little bit of RNG in the items you wish to give to your player...
  7. DreamX

    Random Enemy Traits

    Introduction Speed up time making enemies and increase variation by randomizing the traits of enemies! Change parameters, exp, attack patterns, colors and even images. Now you don't have to make so many variations of the same enemy types manually. It's like my random equipment...
  8. DreamX

    Random Map Events

    Introduction/Features This plugin allows for randomly allocating events on the map manually via a plugin call or automatically when transferring. An event will be placed in one of the regions you specify, or in the same place if desired. You can designate a chance for the event to spawn, and...
  9. ActualAwesome.MAKER

    How do you get a random chance event?

    So, I want to get a random chance event. I'm making an item called Mystery Box that you can obtain or buy from a Merchant. The problem is there's no RANDOM CHANCE stuff. There no pre-made plugins, and without that there is no Mystery boxes. So how? I mean something like, 1 in three...
  10. Making a skill with random effects

    Hi, I'd like to make a "Wheel of Fortune" kind of skill, but I have no idea how to make the script/common event or where to put it/how to call it. To be more specific, I want to know how to make a skill that can do at least one of these: A - cause damage based on a random element B -...
  11. Set of random numbers that cannot repeat?

    Hello. I have another question. I am making this game where you are in a "battle arena" and there is a guy you talk to, and he randomly selects a number, which selects a person, whose variable is also random. E.g. You walk up to this guy. He then picks the number "2". (variable "A")...
  12. DogeWorm


    So I would like to know how to randomize something to get when you click a category. Example: I click potions. The person randomly gives me Potion, Hi-Potion or Full Potion. How do I do this?
  13. Servidion

    (Answered) Random chest loot with no repeat items?

    So I want to make a common event for a chest to be able to award one of say... 50 different items (blueprints to be exact), but to never overlap the items. For example if someone opens a chest with this common event it awards a blueprint for a Tonic, but they'll never get that blueprint again...
  14. Random variable to text.

    Hello forum dweller of Rpg maker :) I've started making my own project recently, and it's going pretty well but now I've encountered a problem wich seems too hard for me to solve. I checked the forums to see if there was a another thread about this problem but I couldn't find one, so if...
  15. Rikifive

    Random Crashes Caused by Input System

    Hello everybody! I've been struggling with this for days and I think I have finally found the source of problem. What's Wrong? My game crashes randomly when changing parameters ranging from simply HP to ATK etc.. ~ No matter how I'll change these (by items or scripts) there is a chance...
  16. DarkSpectral

    How to do random battles?

    Hi again! I successfully created lots of maps,rooms and all, but i need help again ;-; I want to make random battles in a map. BUT only in an specific area. But i hate when you walk 2 tiles and there's a battle. I want a battle after 15 tiles at least and i want to do a loot system. So, when...
  17. SumRndmDde

    Metronome Skill (Pokémon Move that summons random skill)

    Metronome Skill Version 1.02 by SumRndmDde         What This Plugin Does: It allows you to easily and effectively create a Metronome Skill. A Metronome Skill is a move from Pokémon that, when used, makes the user call upon any...
  18. RPG Maker MV - Random Skill Invoke

    Hi I'm converting an old project from VX ACE to MV and I am having a small issue. Some of my skill use Yanfly Random Skill Invoke script. link: https://yanflychannel.wordpress.com/rmvxa/gameplay-scripts/random-skill-invoke/ Is there a way to create the same effect or something...
  19. Village Mook

    Random Item Generator

    I need something for a special item I had planned. It would be found in rare enemy drops and give you about 2-3 random other items (not key items) when used. Anybody know anything that could help?
  20. volcanobrian

    Drafting Random Actors to Join your Party

    Hi Folks,  I am trying to streamline the process of drafting a new actor to join my party from a pool of applicants. I have approximately 100 actors in the database from which I want events throughout the game to randomly select actors, one at a time, to ask to join. Basically, I believe I...

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