1. bluebooth

    Random Dialogue v1.03a

    Random Dialogue v1.03a Author: Michael Morris @Blue Booth Studios Demo thanks to Anthony Xue: http://ancient-architects.com/files/Conversation Demo.zip Introduction Sometimes you just need NPCs to say random stuff. Not completely random, per say, but for example, let's say you have an NPC...
  2. kyuukyuu

    Kyuu's Art dump

    Will be dumping my old stuff and some work in progress because I realized I keep floating my progress in my statuses with my progression art TwwwT would love to get some suggestions and improve more *www* 
  3. Minigame help (map reset, exp recognition)

    I'm trying to make a minigame set, using spinoffs of age-old popular games like hide-and-seek, vine climber, space invaders, and (most importantly for this question) pacman. You start off with only one available minigame, the rest must be unlocked by earning gold in the game. Game 1 is free...
  4. Question if a few thinks can be do through events + other

    Hello I like to play around with events, the thing is I don't know if I can do some stuff using events, maybe I did not realize that option x exist or how I need to do it for it to work. I really on events because at least I do understand them unless scrips were I don't understand anything...
  5. Question if a few thinks can be do through events + other

    Hello, I want to do some stuff in my game and want to know if I can do them by using events without the use of scrips. If I can do them only through scrips please tell me and I will search on my own for it ( I'm using Yanfly's scrips). 1. Is and event that permanently change someones...
  6. Mr. Trivel

    Enemy Positions

    Name: Enemy Positions Version: 1.1 Author: Mr. Trivel Created: 2016-01-11   What does it do? Allows to change enemy positions through adding tags. In case of multiple tags - tag at random will be picked.   Screenshots: Not this time.   How to...
  7. wrigty12

    TDW X Random Enemies Scope

    TDW X Random Enemies Scope - v 1.00 wrigty12   Intro - Under a skill's scope, the only choices for a random enemy are 1-4 and are always the same. This plugin allows you to have a random, dynamic number of random enemies affected. Features -  - Expand your Skill scopes by having the ability to...
  8. Silenity

    Random Gold Variance

    Hello. I'd like to request a plugin that can change how much gold is dropped by an enemy. Here's what it could look like notetagged: <Gold: 5% 1000-1500><Gold: 10% 400-700><Gold: 50% 100-250><Gold: 75% 1-50><Gold: 100% 0-500> <Gold: 50% 0-120><Gold: 1% 8000-22000> The gold drops do not stack...
  9. Naveed

    YEP Battle AI Core Random Skill Pool

    What I'm trying to do is, using Yanfly's Battle A.I. Core, I want that when a specific condition is met, the enemy will use any one out of a pool of skills. So lets say I have skills X, Y and Z. I want to set up <AI Priority> such that: <AI Priority> (Other checks) Always: Skill X/ Y/ Z (Any...
  10. Shenic

    Simple randomizer

    Here's the tutorial for a simple randomizer. It can be used if you want a chest to contain a random item, if you want your character to learn a random ability or whatever you want, but, for this tutorial, I'll teach you to create a chest that gives random items. 1 - Open the common events tab...
  11. SilverDash

    Randomize Events

    Event Chance v1.10 (for advanced RM-users) Author: Squirting Elephant About: Erases or switches the self-switches of marked events on the map (automatically). Example: you have 4 towns but you only want the player to have 1 random town (out of those 4) per play-through, then you can mark them...
  12. Random Grass Battles

    So i'm trying to get the terrain tags to let me only battle in grass. I need some help setting it up. 
  13. taarna23

    Predictable Random Dungeon Generation

    I'm looking for a random dungeon system that can generate predictable results - if given the same set of parameters, the same dungeon will result. I would prefer individual small rooms over a single large map, although I suspect the large map may be easier. In VX Ace I had used Neon Black's...
  14. How to create Random choices?

    Let me try to explain the best way I can... I wanted to create a Quest Board at my game, so each time the player completed a mission the board would randomize some numbers and them It would display the quests assigned to those numbers Ex: the player interact, the board chose 1, 3 and 5 for the...
  15. Lecode

    Random Audio

    Random Audio 1.0 By Lecode Introduction This plugin allows to play randomly and automatically SE, ME, BGS and BGM. For example playing the SE "Damage1" in any way (animation, audio command, ect) will play instead a random SE between Damage1, Damage2, Damage3, Damage4 and Damage5. How to Use...
  16. Kuronokun

    Disable Escape on Random Encounter

    Hello ! I'm looking for a way to disable Escape in Random Encounter. Thank you for your help !
  17. HalcyonDaze

    Randomize Weather EX

    Since Moghunter's Weather EX is the only overworld weather plug-in we have right now, how would I go about setting it up to display weather randomly? Like say, sometimes it would rain, and sometimes it would be clear, and sometimes it would thunderstorm. From what I can tell, you have to change...
  18. wrigty12

    Request: Strike different Random Enemy per Skill Repeat

    Right now, when you have a Skill set to 1 Random Enemy with a Repeat of more than 1, the Skill selects the Random Enemy, then executes all Repeats on that one enemy. I want a notetag on skills that allow it to select a new Random Enemy for each Repeat the skill has. Ex: There are 5 enemies...
  19. MeowFace

    Randomize Event Placement based on Region

    Made for a request here. This script simply randomize the events position in the map with a name tag based on region. Features: Randomize Event Position(Placement) How to Use: [1] Paste the script below Material and above Main [2] Set up the region number you wish to use in the setting...
  20. wrigty12

    Request: Random Repeats on Skills

    I am looking for someone to put together a way to have skills repeat a random number of times, with a range set by a note tag. Here is a VxAce script that did this: http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/topic/9342-random-repeats/

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