1. suppon2008

    Random Enemies Emergence more than 8 enemies.

    I made my first JS Plugin "Suppon Random Enemies Emergence" for RPG maker MV. It allows following.   Random enemies emergence.   Emergence more than 8 enemies.   It can set emergence probability.   Enemies are lined up automatically     my temporal site   How to useEnter follow...
  2. Rexal

    Random Enemies

    Random Enemies Rexal   Intro - While working on my project, I was getting rather annoyed at having to create tons of Troops just to add some variety to my encounters. So I made this little plugin.     Feature - - Have an enemy be switched out for another at the start of the battle. Note tag...
  3. Karberus

    Random Battle BGM

    Random Battle BGM  by Karberus       Versions: Current Version: 1.2    Introduction: Whenever battle starts, this plugin will randomly play one of the BGM's that you choose.     Features: You may declare up to 30 BGM's  One of those BGM's will be chosen at random before each battle  You...
  4. DoubleX RMMV Partitioned Random

    Note This plugin's available for commercial use. Purpose Lets users changes the number of partitions the RNG being run per Math.random() call to control the RNG distributions on the fly Games using this script None so far Plugin Call Configurations Prerequisites Nothing special Terms...
  5. Wavelength

    What's the Point of All Those Encounters?

    Whether you do it with swords, fire, or laser beams, cutting your way through hundreds of slimes, demons, and nameless enemy soliders in isolated encounters is pretty much a staple element of the JRPG genre.  Combined with exploration, party management, and sometimes puzzle-solving, these Random...
  6. Nirwanda

    Random loot and you

    I've been thinking of adding random loot to my dungeon crawling game. What are your thoughts on it? Do you enjoy it, hate it or are indifferent to it? Do you save scum for it? What about using save points instead of a save anywhere mechanic? Would that reduce your chances to abuse saves? EDIT...
  7. Malagar

    Galv's Random Loot v1.4

    Hi, First things first: This script was not written by me, it's a script by Galv. I got his permission to slightly modify and re-distribute the script with some minor adjustments. Original credit goes to Galv, I merely did some tiny changes. You can find the most recent script version (1.4)...
  8. random self switch?

    okay so, i'm making a scene using   Basic game time script! Every night you can come and choose one out of three diffrent blessings and each night the blessings SHOULD change here let me explain: you choose heal blessing! self switch d is on and now all she says is come back tomarrow! you...
  9. Paramecium13

    Procedural Terrain Generation

    Procedural Terrain Generation by Paramecium13 Introduction This script and the accompanying executable and libraries procedurally generate terrain based off a numeric input (the seed). To increase speed, most of the actual terrain generation is done in the external executable; a more detailed...
  10. Rapheus

    Trouble with Event Switches

    I usually don't have trouble with using and modifying plug n play scripts, but this one has me pulling my hair out. I'm trying to use a Battle BGM randomizer script, and I don't understand some of the language. The script I'm using is here:   The random tracks work fine, but I don't know...
  11. Dacuna

    Random Encounters When Moving

    In one section of my game, I'm making a labyrinth where the character moves on his own, in the direction the player chooses. For instance, the character moves down, and when he reaches an intersection, the player chooses "Left" or "Right". The only problem is, I want to add in random...
  12. Tigersong

    What's in the box?

    I was wondering, on seeing the present icon, if it's possible to make an item that gives you another, random item. Here's my theory; please tell me whether I've got it right. The first item calls a common event, which generates a random number. Then there's a conditional branch that checks what...
  13. Kai Monkey

    Kai Monkey's Random Dungeons! -- Now with Version Two!

    KaiMonkey's Random Dungeons! Version 2 Intro Welcome to Kaimonkey's Random Dungeons. With this script you can have the game randomly produce floor after floor of unique environments for your player to explore. Forest, sewers, caves, mines and more can all be generated, and all options can be...
  14. Timmy

    Show a random line of text from a list of 100

    I would like to have a man quote me a random proverb every time I speak to him. It would be from a list of a hundred proverbs/wise sayings to keep things fresh everyday. Could someone be kind enough to give me some tips on how to do this. Thankyou in advance Timmy
  15. Silenity

    Need slight adjustment for Ramiro's Random Level Bonus script

    Ramiro's Random Level Bonus script So I basically just want to add the feature to classes and not to actors specifically. 
  16. Blue001

    Get Random Item function needed for Bravo2Kilo's Storage script

    Hello forum, I am currently using Bravo2Kilo's Storage script (with some modifications that display current/max items.) Here is what I have right now...  I have two inventories in game already, one is the players inventory, one is a normal storage. But I am making a third inventory using...
  17. TheOddFellow

    Odd's Ends

    Odd's Ends While working on my games, (of which I have numerous projects I may never finish,) I end up creating resources to an idea that dies out. Whether it be music or pixel art, it just seems bad to waste. So, I'm going to let all you creative people be able to use it for your projects...
  18. Matseb2611

    Just Face It! (All 8 episodes are out!)

    (Logo design by Hyde) This is a bit of a side project of mine. As some of you might know already, the first episode was my entry for the Super Awesome Face Contest. Since then I've made more episodes in this mini-series. There are 8 episodes in total. You can access any of them from New Game...
  19. Kes

    How to show flying leaves (windy weather)

    I want to have leaves flying about on a dark, windy mountain, and had thought that I could use Moghunter's weather effects for that.  However, it appears that it is not compatible with Shaz's multi fog script which I am using and wish to keep. The effect given by Moghunter's script only uses a...
  20. Candacis

    Change Autonomous Movement

    Hey, I was wondering, if there is a way to change in an event the autonomous movement. Meaning, I have an event that has the autonomous movement "random", but during a cutscene I want to change that to Fixed so that the npc doesn't wander around. Is there a way to do this?

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