1. Tonedawg181

    Slightly Randomize Amount of XP Gained For Each Character (SOLVED)

    EDIT: Skip to my second to last comment on the thread for a working result. (near the middle of page 2) So, in most rpg games (not made by rpg maker) not every character receives the same amount of XP after every battle. For example: In Final Fantasy 8, whoever had the killing blow on the...
  2. Rinobi

    Actor Generator

    Actor Generator by: Rinobi Create randomly generator actors with a great deal of customization. This script includes gender, personality, and stat settings. See script header for details, and screenshots for example use.
  3. Napoleon

    NPC Rnd

    NPC Rnd v1.00 Napoleon   Introduction - Randomizes event occurrences when entering a map without having to maintain   duplicate maps. These randomization's can optionally be saved per map. - For advanced users. - Uses comment tags. Screenshots N/A How to Use See detailed instructions inside...
  4. Frostpunk

    E-learning Type RPG Game

    I am now making the game as for now but our Objective for our game is it is like a E-learning type game and it seems that the script is not available so here's my request. The script that allows the students to answer the 50 randomize mathematical questions(This will be our part to input). The...

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Still I am improving, Spriting not mental fortitude.
It's still early days, and I was going to keep this under wraps until development is a bit further along, but I'm just so damn proud of how robust the integrity-checking in this plugin is that I have to share it.
Do you think the new RPG Maker MZ has support for Android devices ?
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hey, could u help me with a problem? basically, How do I delete a character from a map after a cut scene is over? I am really new with RPG maker MV. Please help!

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