randomized loot

  1. Aerosys

    How do you design Loot chests? (Fixed, randomly, adapting Player's style...)

    Hey all, I did this thread for fun, as I'm not making a Game right now, but I somehow thought about loot chests and want to hear some other opinions. About loot chests, or rather to say, their loot. I think there are 3 major strategies to fill loot chests: fixed: Yep, that's easy. Right-click...
  2. Blah_Blee

    RNG (Working Title, Demo Available)

    DOWNLOAD (NON-RTP) Who are you? Why are you here? Why are you fighting? What is the purpose of this? RNG is the working title of a small, experimental RPG. This is my fifth game in total. I developed this game with the almighty power of randomized gameplay in mind. Summary After stumbling...

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