1. Master_Bronze_Elite

    [Solved] Help with a rare bug

    Does anyone know what's causing this bug just by looking at the error message and/or the lines of code specified? This is a rare bug that occurs only once every couple of hours or so (5-10 hours) so I can't replicate it easily. Therefore, removing plug-ins one by one and playing until I...
  2. Error: Maximum call stack size exceeded (involves SumRndmDde Game Upgrade)

    I know this question has been asked before but I haven't found an answer that suits my case. I started using SumRndmDde's Game Upgrade plugin. The phrase "reconstructing the game" scared me but I tried it anyway because it was necessary for a different plugin. I guess I had a right to be scared...
  3. SrD GameUpgrade plugin

    Has anyone else had an issue with SRD_GameUpgrade I get a Range Error Maximum call stack size exceded Here is the output with the plugin on RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded at Function.DataManager.isDatabaseLoaded...

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Hey man, why don't you do some progress on your game? Oh, because you'd rather wake up at 5am and spend the night making a cosmetics system for your side view battlers? Ok.
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i love u so much! i’m so happy you’re in my life right now :kaocry:
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Your new logo is sooooo attractive! Feels like those sour liquid candy mixed with the wrapping of the popping candy rocks ones. ^^ It gives flavor and taste to our eyes. ^^
Sorry I couldn't comment before, I relogged here for someone's B-Day yesterday. ((Yeah yeah... been scared got on the throne and all as usual. Being social seems harder than walking now. So sorry to everyone and especially you.))
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