1. Suggestion 15 years later and too little has changed

    Hello. This post may sound like a rant, but I just want to express my dissatisfaction with the product and explain why I decided not to buy it and go with a superior product instead. I don't think that anybody should care, but maybe someone wants to put it into salesforce :) I remember using...
  2. Finnuval


    So I sometimes do some volunteer work at the local hospital supporting and mostly listening to terminal patients 16 years and under. Not a fun thing but very satisfying in its own way. However today something happend that goes beyond my understanding... There is this one patient, He is 12 yo...
  3. Touchfuzzy

    Best Mecha Anime of All Time.

    So today, between running around for the different things that Degica is doing for Tokyo Game Show, and the start of the RPG Maker Web Learning Together event and sale, I was scrolling down through my own Facebook feed, and I ran across this article. Dailydot's top 8 Mecha Anime of all time...
  4. Eschaton

    Tutorial Levels and New Game Plus: A Rant

    I've been playing Mass Effect 2 a few times (because it's just so damn fun).  When playing through the tutorial level, I got a little impatient with the hand-holding.  Particularly at the point in which Miranda and Jacob force you to put them into cover while "you take point" (when in fact...
  5. Aceri

    Aceri Rants (About Himself)

    Anybody other than me ever randomly stop and look at your life or your past and ask yourself, "What the f*k is wrong with me? What the hell am I doing?"? I do. My life is nothing of what I hoped it would be. When I was younger I would dream about by this time I would either already have a wife...

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