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    Raycast at Angle

    Hi all! I'm making a stealth script because there wasn't any that fit my particular needs. The "does the NPC detect the player" part is all taking place in common events because I'm too lazy to make an actual script. As is usual with game development, vision is three checks: a distance check...

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Stream will be live shortly with a session of the Interactive Text Adventure! Feel free to drop by!
aero the acrobat 2 on sega had some absolute bangers on the ost... why Meeting Dr. Dis was just for a cutscene and not a boss makes me sad lol
"I want custom, more lively looking grass for my forest map."

"Just set overworld grass as outside grass."

--RM Wisdom--
Any thoughts on my hexagon map system?
Idk where this post would go, so how do you change the font of the choice selection window? I have a different font for the game so it looks a little odd could someone tell me where this would go on the forum?

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