real time battle system

  1. I have some questions about a simple battle system

    So basically I was thinking about a battle system similar to an action RPG where a character has about 4 moves that they can use in the overworld to defeat enemies but since this is kind of a parody game I wanted to display a picture everytime an ability used defeats the enemy or when the enemy...
  2. Help with real time battle systems.

    So I want to make a game with real time battle system and I found around the forum this link but I don't know what to do with it. How can I use this battle system in my own game?
  3. Chatterer

    Good action/real time battle system?

    After trying out Sapphire Action System IV, Falcao Pearl ABS Liquid and XAS Action Battle System, I need a more simple one. Even though Sapphire Action System IV is as simple as a battle system script can get, it lacked a lot of features, such as bows. Also, I didn't really like the HUD, even...

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