1. Gustavo_Br

    RMMV ANGON - The Grim Age

    In Angon - The Grim Age, role-playing faces a medieval apocalyptic story about survival and politics. Enter into the journey that leads the world to chaos and misery, exploring unique places on the wasted land of Eradon. Take decisions that can shape the destiny of the people, battle on...
  2. MercuryLegba

    RMMV Path Out - Escaping Syria

    Path Out is is an autobiographical adventure game, that allows the players to replay the journey of Abdullah Karam, a young Syrian artist that escaped the civil war in 2014. Path Out is a tale full of surprises, challenges and paradoxical humor, giving insight in this real-life adventure, on...
  3. Sarah79

    Weapons as "Incomparables".

    So, I have been working on my game for about a month now, and one of the ideas I had in mind since the beginning was to provide better character customization and realism at the same time. The way I have decided to do this was through "weapons as incomparables". What I mean by this, is that...
  4. Comedy vs. Realism: The delicate balance of medieval fantasy

    I loved A Knight's Tale, just going to say that now. I found the references to modern times hilarious and well-done, but could respect the aspects of the films that were accurate (I'm a history geek).  My question is: which is better, realism or comedy? A Knight's Tale did fairly well balancing...
  5. Kitsou

    Realism regarding spells & non-combat

    For the upcoming RPG Maker MV I'm planning to make a game, where you play as a time mage. Therefore you have a little bit of time control, which is displayed mainly in battle by manipuliating turn order, buffing, debuffing etc. But I'm not sure how realistic the world outside of the battles...
  6. Matseb2611

    Adding Realism to Battle Animations

    Hey all. In this tutorial I'm going to give various tips on how to make your battle animations look more realistic. First of all, if you're still new to using the default animation editor that RM has in the database, I'd highly suggest you to check out Palladinthug's workshop that covers the...
  7. Tyler Clark

    The Technician: WITH DEMO!!!


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