1. nio kasgami

    Show you Oldest draw (from you first year of drawing)

    Hi guys here a thread for show the OLDEST draw you have..not your more beautifull I mean the  draw you was drawing in your first time!  the one who make think : sh*t I was not drawing really great in this time ! here the oldest I can find in my old blog !  it was from 10 august 2010...so...
  2. Joe

    I need dragon sprites

    I need sprites of some dragons. I need one to be tiny, one to be medium and one to be big. Please make them RPG maker vx ace style and make them gray. Whoever does this will be in the credits of my game. Thank you.  :) :thumbsup-right:
  3. Joe

    I need sprites...

    Hello, I would like it if someone could make a sprite of the character (It's in the attached files.) I would like it if you made him have flying sprites, like in a top-down view and his wings and hair flowing when he's moving.  I REALLY need this for my game.
  4. Indrah

    Indrah's Let's Play/Try (swearing and ranting ahoy)

    Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/indraladypotato Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/indrah Here be dragons. I mean, here be the stuff done so far. In chronological order from older to newer. Links to the game in each video in the description (below the actual video on Youtube). *Bigger font...

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