1. Siletrea

    trying to create "Habitarium" like game

    hello! I've just gotten a copy of MV from a good friend of mine after I found I could not create what I wanted in earlier versions of RPGMaker so I'm hoping since MV is new and lots of people love it that I may be able to get some tips,suggestions,help and/or advice for my project! now this may...
  2. Real time Gun Combat System?

    I've been wanting to work on a unique zombie apocalyptic/horror game for a while now... it's gonna be alot different than your traditional zombie survival games. I do not wana spoil the upcoming ideas/features just yet but! I've been looking all over the boards for a Real time combat system...
  3. SilverDash

    Silvers Advanced Minimap (now with Fog of War!)

    Advanced Minimap v. 1.41 Author: Squirting Elephant More Screenshots: Features: Instructions (more info can be found in the help section of the plugin): Script & Downloads: Download v1.41 Required Script (Core Script) Download Master Demo (HIGHLY recommended for new users!)...
  4. Combat System like Little Fighter 2

    Hi everybody! This is my first time posting here; I've been mucking around half-heartedly with various game programs for over a year, but I've only really started seriously experimenting in the last few months (and my creations now, while still nowhere near "good", are stellar compared to my...
  5. Zalerinian

    [RGSS3] Window Textbox 1.2.2

    Window Textbox v1.2.2 - March 22nd, 2014 Introduction The textbox script allows  developer to prompt the user for keyboard input, allowing them to type in a response in realtime. Features - Realtime keyboard input - Multiple charsets for a specific type of input - Unicode support -...

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Writing music for Utara Forest, a location in All the King's Men. Nothing evokes a mysterious, dreamy sound like solo clarinet and modulation!
Man, nobody has created an MZ state animation plugin outside of VisuStella. That breaks my heart.
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Cute new avatar you got there ;)
Alberest so far, got a lot done but still ALOT left to do.
Wish I had a better means of taking screenshots...
Map is 148x98

concept: zombie slayer fest.

Lag because of outdated hardware.

Lots todo:
-Terrax lightning should have another step for the flashlight, between up down left right.
-Also Online mv from Nelderson should emit the flashlight from the other player.
-Animation needed for killing the zombie...
Before adding it to #crypchania.

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