1. kyonides

    KReaper XP

    KReaper XP v1.2.1 by Kyonides Arkanthes Introduction This scriptlet of mine should let you do a few things you might already do via common events, switches and variables, namely killing your heroes or foes with a hidden timer! :o Yes, you can use skills! I would suggest the following names...
  2. gabon

    AvatarWorld - Legacy of the Reaper v1.0(Moved to rpgmv and newgrounds)

    AvatarWorld ~Legacy of the Reaper~   Introduction of the story : The plot starts 65 Million Years ago on a space ship that tries an experiment to replicate the genes of an unknown species of aliens who posses some kind of "magic" . The experiment almost go wrong...
  3. Resistance Breaker

    Hi, first time poster, long time lurker. Yes, yes, get your groans out of the way. I completely accept my suckiness, and am unsure as to whether this is the right section or not for this post, but here goes. So, I'm working on a game, obviously, and in it, I have a bonus boss in the form of the...

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Made a showcase, guide, and tutorial to using GENE Scene Builder with RPG Maker MV :kaoslp:

For a long time I always consider XP soundtracks as the best one.
Just listened to some of MZ tracks from the free version.
It's... Quite mindblowing. xD
Only listened to the battles, towns, and fields.
But I'm sure the rest are equally good. :D
What do you guys want to see for the new Jump into Javascript? A continuation of the rpg_objects, or would you prefer a "lesson 0" where I go back to the absolute basics of Javascript and cover the fundamentals of the language and its construction?
Hey RPG members!!

How do you finish projects? Some new game developers start off strong but end up losing momentum. What keeps you motivated while working on new projects?
Feeling wee sleepy.. ZzzZ

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