1. Kaimi

    RTP Recolours for NPC Sprites

    Since there is an awfully small selection of NPC sprites in the RTP I decided to take it upon myself to create recolours of them. More recolours will appear over time. You are also free to add your recolours in the thread as well and I will integrate them into this post if you won't mind. This...
  2. Froggo32

    Recoloring cat sprites

    Sprites are made by whtdragon: whtdragon's animals and running horses- now with more dragons! | RPG Maker Forums (rpgmakerweb.com) (I recolored eyes a bit) Could someone recolor this sheet please? I'm not good at it. What I'm looking for is: - recoloring eyes (can be orange, yellow, green...
  3. HalcyonDaze

    Halcyon's RTP Edits

    The newest generation of RPG Maker is finally upon us! While porting some of my MV maps over earlier today, I found myself really confused by the default roof colors they chose this time around. I'm not anything even approaching a pixel artist, so my resource contributions will be strictly...
  4. Avery

    Doing some magic with colors on faces - recoloring faces

    Hello folks! I wanted to write a tutorial about face editing next, but I figured, that having one about recoloring is a step that I should take before. Also, this tutorial is made with GIMP: https://www.gimp.org/ (Insert a passive aggressive comment about: "I do not have a graphic program, so...
  5. wintrydaze

    wintrydaze's *MV* storeroom

    The typical story. Was making stuff for my game and thought they could be shared, then I started making other stuff just for sharing. Hope they are useful, I’m no pixel artist so go easy on me! Terms of Use Because these are mainly RTP edits, they can only be used in RPG Maker games and you...
  6. gothicvoid

    [GothicVoid]'s Additions-New Modern Items

    Everything i have made so far I have done so using the default tilesets that come with the MV software- UNLESS I HAVE OTHERWISE STATED.... So please make sure you give credit where its due cause we work hard to bring FREE edits or original content to you for your game! I also try to NEVER post...
  7. digeV

    DigeV edits/recolor resources/tilesets

    whtdragon resources suited with the free KADOKAWA resource. PandaMaru resources suited with the whtdragon resource. term of use: free for commercial and noncommercial games. credits to me DigeV for edits. credits to whtdragon for the recolor. credits to PandaMar for the original edit...
  8. Nakhael

    My Edits/Recolors

    I am not good at art stuff in general, but after all of the amazing things I have found here from everyone I felt like I wanted to contribute what I could and had these recolors/edits of the original "Inside" tiles. So, I am hoping that maybe someone might like them and find some use for them...
  9. WhereIsMyHeartsBeat

    RPG Maker MV - Face Set Edits

    Hello, please excuse any misunderstandings as I am new to posting here. While working on my game I have had to make a few edits to original materials in VX Ace and MV. I thought why not let others use them? Credits to RPGMaker for making the wonderful face-sets to begin with. You can use these...
  10. AquaticChaos

    Rules about Recolored/Edited Default Tilesets (Help)

    So to begin, I'm a lackluster pixel artist working on a game- more specifically, a demo- that I've dreamt of for 2+ years. Seeing as I'm having trouble with the maps, is it possible to sell the game- a free demo for now, until I get an artist- using default tilesets, even if they're recolored...
  11. gregbaby

    A recolor of a slot machine.

    Hello guys, I suck pretty bad at artwork so I'm wondering if anybody can help me here. I've created a slot machine system for my game but the slot machine vector graphic I have is modern looking and it just doesn't; fit my games theme (I realize a slot machine in a fantasy game is pushing it...
  12. Mullnado

    Slime Recolors

    I couldn't find any slime recolors, so I made my own. Yellow, Red, Green, Turquoise, Dark Purple, Light Purple, metal (gray), and Orange (or red-ish orange I guess).Feel free to use them. I'll try to upload matching face sets soon as well. Have fun! Edit: I uploaded the matching face sets...
  13. RetroBoy

    Please recolor this egg?

    I want it to be a vibrant green with red splotches. :)
  14. Johan86

    Johan's MV stuff! (Updated 11/02/2018) (Added Castle Walls)

    Hello everyone! Here is a thread with all the resources I've edited or created for MV so far... Updated 11/02/2018: Added Castle Walls Updated 05/01/2018: Added Game-Icons-Net Iconset for MV Updated 20/10/2017: Added Wooden Fence Updated 08/10/2017: Added Extra Fence Updated 28/06/2017: Added...
  15. blade911

    FSM and RTP

    I am trying to get the rtp and the first seed material artwork to match, do anyone know the saturation and color properties needed to adjust the rtp to look more like fsm in photoshop?
  16. ThePotatoOfFire

    Potato's Fiery Edits & Creations (Trees!)

    Hey there! I've gotten pretty good at mixing up RTP stuff to make new stuff, so I thought I'd share my frankensteins, for example: Restaraunt booths! For use against walls and stuff. Looks weird without something against it. All are edits of the original RTP, so a legal MV license is required...
  17. Requesting Recolors and potential sprite edits

    Resource Type: Facesets and Character Sprites Maker Format: RMMV Art Style: RMMV styled, with some originality if required Description:  I have seen some nice resources already, however in some cases I have a recolor needed on sprites or expressions for face sets... My request is not...
  18. M.I.A.

    M.I.A.'s Creations & Edits (Updated 26APR20) - Mechasuit

    So, I've been doing some edits lately.. and I said to myself: "Self, why create a new thread for each Resource? You should start your own Thread!!" Here it is!! My Creations and Edits Thread. Terms of Use are listed below. SV Weapon(s): Syringe (Originator Yanfly)...
  19. Servidion

    Request for recolor of a sprite.

    Didn't think about how my DLC couldn't be posted on the forums. Sorry everyone!
  20. nazgul

    Need a recolor/wings added to this Cat sprite!

    Some great edits by Deebs. Feel free to use these in your games with credit to Deebs, commercial or non-commercial. http://rpgdreams.freeforums.biz/t97p15-strawberrycat-s-winged-monsters Strawberrycat's Winged monsters   I am looking for someone to take the regular dark blue cat...

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