1. ct_bolt

    ✩✩✩ ☺ CT_Bolt's MV Creation Page ☺ ✩✩✩

    ✩✩✩ ☺ CT_Bolt's MV Creation Page ☺ ✩✩✩ Hello everyone, this will be where I will post my resources for RPG Maker MV. :cutesmile: Terms of Use: Feel free to use in Commercial or Non-Commercial games. You may edit this if you like; Please let me know and post...
  2. Ghost of Christmas Kloe

    Kloe's Super Seagull Recolors-----Last Update: 05/01/2016

    Kloe's Super Seagull Recolors Not to be confused with my last less... um... allowed resource thread! This time, nothing made with a generator, or with filters or rubbish like that! This time, only re-colors!! Or at least for now, just re-colors.  Also I know this might not be great, and if you...
  3. Zortik

    RPGMaker MV - Yanfly Iconset recolor request

    This Iconset is hosted by Yanfly and, while it is openly available to commercial or non-commercial users, it does heavily use icons from the RPG Maker VX ACE engine. More information on this can be found on Yanfly's website where I acquired this image...
  4. Luth

    RTP Recolors (NPC)

    Not proud of myself but I'll share anyway, it's still better than having the same boring base sprite for your NPC : Man and Old Man Woman and Old Woman You don't have to credit me for this, happy making ~~
  5. whtdragon

    Whtdragon's trees recolors

    First time poster long time user of RPG maker, Whtdragon here o3o/ I sometimes like to make edits when I get bored and decided I'd share a recent edit I did for RPG maker MV~ (also apologies in advance if I missed something in the rules that I was supposed to do when posting) I'm a sucker for...
  6. BardAaron

    BardAaron's Resources

    BardAaron's Resources I've been recoloring some of the RTP sprites bodies to fit the generator, so I thought I'd share.  I got the base from Seabird, and then edited to make them fit as generator parts.  Most are simple recolors. For the most part, I don't require any credit for these.  If...
  7. Recolor Tilesets with Gimp 2

    I have searched the forum and have not yet found an answer; if there is a tutorial on this, I would appreciate if you would direct me to it. Here are the steps I have taken thus far: 1. Export desired tileset 2. Open tileset in Gimp 3. Recolor tileset using "colorize" 4. Add layer of a...
  8. Sugar Rush

    Kaduki Actors 04 and 19 Recolor

    So I love these two sprites, they are exactly what I am looking for except for one thing . . . the goggles.  If they didn't have the goggles they could easily be main characters in an RPG that doesn't require a flying ship or an engineer.  I posted the link below that has Kaduki Actors 19 and...
  9. RPG_Lover

    RPG_Lover's World of Art

    I am RPG_Lover, And I would like to let everyone know what I used to do back in VX.net before it became R.I.P! I enjoyed Editing already made images. That should inform you enough that the images I am about to show you are edited from what I managed to find. I used the RTP of VX images so...
  10. Sausage_Boi

    Odd Colored Tiles

    I have been scouring the internet looking for a Field and/or outdoor tileset that might look like Mars or some other planet. I tried to do a recolor of the RTP tiles that were NOT grass, but it came out super bad. So, I come before you, humbled, asking if anyone can either create a...
  11. Shuko

    Sprite and Faceset Recolor

    Hello! I have been trying to recolor one of my sprites for quite a while, and it's safe to say, I'm terrible at it. If anyone could recolor the character in the attached files for me, it would help me finish my project. As for the recoloring, I'd like her hair to be a burgundy red color. That's...
  12. isakbladh

    Recolor recuest!

    Someone that can make a recolor on any of those to dark red. Whould be awesome Only the text, numbers and dats! Screenshots: http://gyazo.com/6fa1162f9a00af88ff5dcd50256d8869 http://gyazo.com/e868749d1e8b7541a22b658046271d16 http://gyazo.com/f30c6ad6ae268a141fcd14113862c069...
  13. xcom

    Need a hair for a portrait recolored to match a sprite

    Hello everyone! I'm trying to make a face portrait to match a sprite.  I tried to do it myself, but I just can't get it to look right. The sprite I made using Game Character Hub. I need this hair portrait to match the hair on the sprite as close as possible.  Thanks!
  14. hikarushirou

    [ANSWERED] Stock Faceset Recolours

    RPG Maker VX Ace   Um, hi, sorry sorry xforever if this is the wrong spot. I looked through GrandmaDeb's list and I googled. I'm either not typing in the words correctly to find what I'm after, or I just can't find it... I'm looking for faceset recolours of RTP People5, People6, People7 and...
  15. CrypticCuddler

    Simple Jacket Recolor and..

    Heya! I'm needing a simple recolor on a jacket collar for the follow face set (it is incomplete). The grey shoulders are shoulder plates and grey and I'd like those to stay that color. I'm not even asking a person to do all the jacket collars. If someone could recolor the jacket BROWN on...
  16. Maurussus

    Recolors and Emotion Sets of RPGMaker VX Ace Characters

    I'm looking for a capable Artist to help me on a new major project. It requires a Few Recolors of Sprites, Faces, and making up an Emotion-Faceset for the Recolors. It may seem like a lot of work, but I plan to build the base-game first, then, collect the sprites, emotions-sets (All hopefully...
  17. Korimax

    Possible Faceset's Hair Recolor

    THIS IS FOR A COMMERCIAL PROJECT! IF YOU DON'T LIKE THE IDEA OF DOING A REQUEST FOR A COMMERCIAL PROJECT FOR FREE, THEN DON'T DO IT, I MADE THIS REALLY BOLD AND OBVIOUS! Okay well I had a request similar to this one previously... So I'll get straight to it.  I need a face's hair to be...
  18. xcom

    Looking for RTP sprite recolor for VX Ace

    Hello again! I was wondering if someone could recolor a RTP sprite from VX Ave for me please? I would like the dress and hair to closely match the battler if possible. Thanks!
  19. Zevia

    Soldier and Angel Recolors

    Created some recolors of the soldier and general sprites and battlers for my project, thought I'd come share them in case anyone was looking for a little Red vs. Blue theming. Soldier/General Sprite Recolors Soldier/General Battler Recolors EDIT: I was doing some more recolors tonight for...
  20. xcom

    Need shadows added to a battler

    EDIT: This is a edit to a earlier post. I found a battler to use, but it doesn't have a shadow on the ground.  I was hoping that someone could add one for me please. Thanks!

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