1. Joby

    Help w/ Recoloring a Sprite

    Hello! I need someone to recolor this sprite  to match with this mug:  So pretty much, I just need the hair recolored. Thanks, Joby EDIT: LOL Nevermind! Nevermind! I just realized I could edit it and copy and paste the same head from RPG Maker VX Ace! Just close this lol. I feel so stupid now :/
  2. Joby

    RMVX Ace Hair Recolor

    Heeeeeeeyy. If anyone could help me recolor this mug to match with this sprite, it would really help.
  3. mahan

    Flame Recolor

    Ok, this is my first resource request please be kind to me  :D Ok I know this will be easy for someone but it became really hard to me because I am using GIMP so here's my request. I want to have a 6 spritesets with 3 sprite characters of moving flame each with different colors the...
  4. Joby

    RMVX Ace Animal Face Recolor Help

    Hello, if somebody could please recolor this cow in the picture to match this sprite I edited I would really appreciate it! Thanks, Joby If you are planning on doing this, please actually notify me.
  5. Joby

    RMVX Ace Cow Recolor?

    Hello, I would really appreciate if somebody could please recolor this picture and get it done as asked for below: ~ Please recolor the following things with the following adjectives shown. Recolor the white to red Recolor the black to white ​ If you could please get this done shortly, I...
  6. Joby

    VX/Ace Face / Character Recolor

    Hello, this is my first post here on forums! Anyway, I am in the process of creating a game, and I need help recoloring this picture: If you are able to, please recolor the picture(s) with the following adjectives: Hair = Green Eyes = Gray Clothing Trim = Gold Also, I would like somebody...
  7. Korimax

    Faceset Recolor (Title Speaks for itself)

    Okay well first off this is for a commercial project so I understand if one is not willing to help me, however this is merely for demo purposes and is likely not to be the final product for a character I just need a placeholder but I also want it to make sense. The character is supposed to have...
  8. Tigersong


    Hi, folks. I'm here to request a simple tile edit. Could someone change the trees (except for the evergreens) in the Exterior tilset to red? I'm planning to create a game set in the fall.
  9. Just a recolor for you from VX Ace

    I was making a recolor for a character in my game, it came out alright so I figured I'd just share the thing for anyone to use. My first recolor: I never liked how he had green hair. What was up with that? So I just went with black and slightly darker blue eyes.
  10. JohnnyR

    Title Screen Tile 1 - Recolored

    I was looking for a volcano like the one from RMVX Ace and I didn't find anything that I liked, so I started editing the original one to my taste, and one thing leaded to another and... yeah, I recolored them all. (It's amazing what GIMP can do..) So I thought, "why not share these since I've...
  11. smh19294

    One portrait jacket recolor request

    I would like to ask someone's help in recoloring this lad's jacket to a generic purple.  The red elements of the jacket is what I would like changed please. Any help is appreciated.
  12. smh19294

    Portrait/faceset Jacket Recolors

    Hey there. I am sorry if this is a large request or anything. I was wondering if anyone could recolor this portrait into 6 different colors.  All of the red elements are what I wanted colored Here are the colors I was hoping for. Anything close to these would be wonderful.  Thank you to...
  13. RTP Sprite Recolors

    These are some simple recolors of some of the RTP sprites. I recolored them for my game but I thought I would post them here incase anyone wanted to use them. If anyone wants, I can also try and give some variations of these. Hope you guys like them!
  14. Hororo

    Portrait editing/recoloring (kinda complicated)

    i would like to ask for help regarding with coloring portraits, basically this is my main portrait: http://i46.servimg.c...72/junpei10.png and this is the portrait i want to be recolored: http://media.photobu...sm_Ballet_1.png the reason i want the 2nd portrait to be recolored is so that the...

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