1. EmmaB

    EmmaB's MV RTP Edits

    Latest Resource: Storybook RTP Generator - Male Hi everyone, Welcome to my resource thread! I've been doing lots of different edits to MV's RTP and decided I'd share them with you all. Hopefully, you can find something useful for your games! :rhappy: Terms of Use: ~ Must own a legal version of...
  2. atoms

    RPG Maker MV Yanfly Iconset Armour Recolour Request

    Hey there. As some of you know Yanfly made a wonderful iconset for RPG Maker MV which can be found in the link below. At the moment it has recolours of nearly everything including weapons too, I was wondering if someone could take it...
  3. Edeias

    Mage Recolour

    Hello everyone. For the project im currently working on, I would like to have the mage from VX Ace (pictures follow) recoloured: I would like to have him with black hair and his cloak in a dark green tone. I need the character sprite, the face and the battler recoloured. Edeias
  4. Cute Fox Productions

    Cute Foxes Horses

    I decided to try my hand at recolouring some horses, took less than five minutes to do but more than half an hour to make sure they were placed correctly so they can be used in MV  :) Credit: Please Credit Kadokawa because I just recoloured the standard horse given with the game...
  5. NeoFantasy

    Recoloring a face set.

    Hello everyone...when it comes to coloring...I'm not the one you want in charge. I've been trying on and off for a few months now to change her hair color from blonde to black however, my skills in Gimp just aren't good enough. So I was wondering if anyone out there would be willing to...
  6. MattyP1992

    Matt's Edits and Recolours FREE TO USE

    Free to use edits and re-colours done by me, if you want anything re-coloured just ask. Only re-colours on ask, no edit requests taken at present. Any credit is appreciated but not necessary :) .   I Will be constantly updating with new sprites.   So Far - TileSet Custom Paintings...
  7. MV Icon recolours

       I have a very simple request. You know how some of the default MV icons are coloured? I have posted the examples of the icons in question. Is it just possible to get a purple version of each type (The orbs, balls, broken balls, and books? All my attempts at it have been rubbish. Of course...
  8. SLEEP

    SLEEPy MV "resources"

    hi new old this one just updated im going 2 do more and hopefully finish doing the whole rtp and then the SV battlers?? this isn't a promise but i will be making more facesets and charsets at least!! then post more kinds of resources. all resources !!! every resource on this...
  9. Soldier Recolor

    Hey, I'm quite new to this forum, so if this request already exist, delete this (a link to the other thread would be nice). So that's my request. I'm searching for a recloured soldier/elite soldier character AND battler. I know that recoloured soldier characters already exist and I already...
  10. hikarushirou

    [ANSWERED] Stock Faceset Recolours

    RPG Maker VX Ace   Um, hi, sorry sorry xforever if this is the wrong spot. I looked through GrandmaDeb's list and I googled. I'm either not typing in the words correctly to find what I'm after, or I just can't find it... I'm looking for faceset recolours of RTP People5, People6, People7 and...
  11. Wolf Recolour Request

    I need three recolours of the wolf on this sheet. I don't really need them all done at once, but it'd be nice. In my project, the main character's family all have pet wolves, and the player will need a way to differentiate. I need one wolf to be dark brown, another one to be white, and the last...
  12. Tsumeshi

    RTP recolour + emotions request

    Hello everyone, I'm looking for an edit of the 3rd character in the Actor3 set. I'd like the hair recoloured to light blue, and a complete emotion set. I'd like a faceset and a character set. If you don't know know what I mean, check the attachment. It's the 3rd character in it.

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