1. RedRose190

    Recommending a good RPG maker game i just finished!

    I just finished playing Eternal Senia on steam!! (7 hours!) it's free by the way and THE GAMEPLAY WAS 9/10 !! It was exactly what i wanted to play.. A simple battle system and relaxing and fun experience! I am super excited because i suck at games and this one was simple enough to beat it but it...
  2. Starmage

    Recommended Starter's DLC for this assets?

    Hi all! ^_^ XD I've actually already been eyeing these beautiful medieval asset packs ever since! And wish to be able to try my hand with 'em in the future soon! (After I'm done with my current project, of course xD). I was just curious. What DLC packs for MV would you recommend for this asset...
  3. boyflea

    RPGMaker games for young-adventurers?

    Hi, I have young kids who love to play games. I know we should accept that basically games of this genre will involve violence, death, complicated language, insane puzzles, possibly swearing and usually a lot of cleavage: so a 'Parental Guidance' is assumed for everything you can download. But...

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