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  1. First plugin - recover all on level up

    Script Name+Version Number:  DSR_plugin v0.1 Creator name: DSR   Introduction Include script in plugin manager (placing .js file in the js/plugin folder naturally) By default, it will enable the recover all on level up.  Change parameter to false (or just turn...
  2. RoseStark

    Events recover all and leaving town permission

    Hi, I'm fairly new to RPG Maker and I am having trouble with 2 events that I want to create. I want to create an event where the player can go to a lake and recover all. The problem is that I want to make only one event to the whole lake, not just to single tiles of the lake, otherwise he...
  3. SC Fúria

    Percentage Healing while sleeping

    Hi guys!  Recently I've been wondering about the possibility of making a percentage healing whenever the player goes to sleep in an inn, bed... Basically, what i want is to heal the 100% of the maximum hp if the game difficulty is set to easy, heal a 75% of mhp if it's intermediate and heal a...

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I'm wondering if it's possible to get the font used for the title in RPG Maker MZ's splash screen, because it's a neat looking font. I wanna use it for like, a title screen or something.
I think it's by time I make use of this feature in the forums. I'm never one to share profile updates or anything the sort, but hey, you gotta start somewhere! I think I'll use this place primarily to post maps actually, so here, have a goblin cave!


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