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  1. RMMV Does anyone know how I can make the actor recover HP when he levels up?

    I know several plugins in which this can be done, but there is a problem, all these plugins what they do is recover 100% of your HP and MP, I would like that when the player levels up, they recover HP and maybe MP, but not all HP, maybe 10% or something, does anyone know of a plugin to do this...
  2. OpheliaEnigma

    Recover On Level Up Plugin

    Recover On Level Up Plugin+1.0.0 OpheliaEnigma Introduction This plugin recovers a certain percentage to HP, TP, and MP on each level up. Features This plugin allows us to do the following features without the need for any plugin command or any additional effort from the game's developer...
  3. Nol

    Recover Mp = Variable (x) + item bonus to var (y)

    I'd like to limit Mp regen in my world, by making it so that Mages only regenerate when sleeping, and 10% of their Mmp + (bonus from a stat) + (bonus from items) I envision creating a variable : Var 1 = Bonus from stat of Actor 1 Var 2 = Bonus from equipement of actor 1 Var 3 = Var 1...

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