1. Recover Summoning actor

    Hello, I created an ability to summon an actor, it worked:biggrin:. But when he dies and disappears, I invoke him again and he comes back like a knockout. And even putting in the common event to recover it, nothing happens.:confused: Sorry for my English. Thanks!:LZYcheeze::LZYcheeze:
  2. N-Game Arts

    Skills Lowering Equipment Durability

    Hello, I've been gone for sometime and want to get back to work on my game. <3 and I hope I'm posting this in the right place. ^^; I've took a lot of your guys advice and have done many changes and tweaks but I'm still looking into making a Resident Evil inventory setup.... if anyone remembers...
  3. tale

    kotonoha* - VictoryRecoverAll

    VictoryRecoverAll ver1.0 - 2016/10/20 Creator name: kotonoha* Overview Plugin that fully recover party members after a battle victory. Features - Plugin and play - Short code length Credit and Thanks: kotonoha* Terms of Use- Free for commercial and non-commercial use. License - MIT...
  4. Uzuki

    Recover HP When Equipping Certain Equips

    Hey everyone, I wold like a plugin that will recover a certain amount an health when certain equipment is put on. For Example:  Actor1 has 34/62 HP. When he puts on the magic robes his Max HP goes up by 6 and he recovers 6 HP, so now his health is 40/68. When he removes the armour it goes...
  5. MP Recovered on Attack

    I'm looking for a script that can allow you to gain MP when you attack using the basic attack command, like TP but have it's own rate of return. I don't want this to be the used for all classes, only two of them. I did find a script here but it only works when you are hit, not when you attack...

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