1. JardsonJean

    RPG Maker FES - Iconset recreation

    DOWNLOAD HERE: Back with another project. I saw someone post the ripped iconset from RPG Maker Fes on The Spriters Resource website and I wanted to recreate some items I thought could be easy to recreate. I ended up recreating and...
  2. Wonderfull Darkness

    Change this character to your art style!

    Resource Type: Character, Faceset. Maker Format: MV Art Style: Artist's original! Just because it's any art style, doesn't mean it has to match my game. There's a reason why any will work! :rwink: Description: Just draw, or do whatever to change this character to your art style! No...
  3. Wonderfull Darkness

    Faceset, Character, Recreation In a style that's Anime but Cartoon. (For FrontView)

    Resource Type: Character, Faceset. Maker Format: MV Art Style: Anime but Cartoon (Heck, just look up Nathan from Yo-Kai watch.) This game is non-commercial, so these resources are FREE. Credit will be given in the final game. Description: I need a faceset and character sprites...
  4. DraynaRue Games

    .hack// Protect Break, Data Drain and Data Bug Recreation?

    I'm trying to recreate the "Protect Break" state, "Data Drain" skill, "Infection Levels" and "Data Bugs" from the (dot)Hack// Series of games but I have no idea how to actually go about doing it. Once a normal monster is down to about 10-25% HP it will gain the Protect Break state, this state...

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