1. Marmit

    Looking for editors to help make sheets compatible with MV out of pre-existing sprites?

    I just can't wrap my head around how to create the sprite sheets to import to MV. So instead I want to ask if I can recruit people to do it for me or help me create them, and where I can find people like this. Of course I will name them in the credits.
  2. TrevonMailer

    FREE Recruiting a Small "Serious" Team for a Project (Alice's Under-Tower)

    Engine RPG Maker MV Roles Needed (OPEN) Coder - I'm looking for someone who is capable of making both battle and party scripts for a reasonable price. This is the only paid role. (CLOSED) Composer - I'm looking for a composer to work alongside me on this project who can create decent...
  3. yumekakaro

    Conditional Branch if enemy book entry was read

    So hello first of all! To make it short; I'm using the EnemyBook plug-in. Now there is supposed to be a secret event in my game in which a character becomes your team mate but only if you've seen a specific entry in the enemy book. In the entry is written something that you need to know to...
  4. homietwin

    FREE RPG In Early Development (LOOKING FOR MANY)

    CODE NAME: ESSENCE Hi Everyone, This is a project I had actually started 2 years ago. I had begun recruiting for help with it when very unexpected death happened in my family which pushed everything on a back burner. I am at a point in my life where I am ready to relaunch this project and find...
  5. Lilly

    FREE Birth of Elemental Light - [Title In Progress]

    Demo Please give me feedback, questions and/or info about how to make it game better. ------ For 2 or 3 months, I've been working on a game project. Engine: RPG Maker MV Synopsis: A RPG game filled with puzzles and a Linear Motion Battle System and in this game you will move normally through...
  6. demifiend700

    FREE Aetheria (Recruiting Spriter)

    Plot: For hundreds of years, the kingdom of Lyonesse has been a shining beacon of hope and prosperity across the land. That all changed however, when a Lyonessian general named Eisenhardt sold his soul to the demon Apollyon in exchange for extraordinary power. With his newly obtained dark...
  7. OmniWill


    Broken Ties is the first game me and my friend have attempted to make, based on an idea he has had for years. Currently it is just us two working on the project, however we lack some of the skills we need to make the game completely ourselves. We're looking for people who would like to help out...
  8. Dirge

    TRADE The Garden Path (LF a Mapper and a Spriter!)

    Hey everyone! I am Dirge, and I'm the project lead of The Garden Path. This is a fairly ambitious project that's been a few years in the making - the plot was originally meant to be a comic book, and then a novel, and then a VX Ace project, but due to a whole bunch of real life happening, my...
  9. Stridah

    TRADE Eternal Conflict Recruiting Lead Eventer

    New Information here guy! I am currently looking to add a highly skilled eventer to our team, our head programmer has had to take a back seat since beginning his career as a doctor leaving us in a bit of a pickle. Currently we have 80% of the main story line quests in the game with a variety...
  10. FREE Medieval story needs maps!

    Hello Adventure seeker! Would you like to roam across snowy mountains, dangerous forests, enormous cities that have dark, dark secrets hidden behind their meek appearance? Well... So would we! The little problem is that, we don't have snowy mountains, dangerous forests nor enormous cities...
  11. Demi_Fiend

    FREE Recruiting artists (charsets and UI) for SMT Armageddon

    Made with RPG Maker VX ACE Disclaimer: This is a non-profit fangame based on the Megami Tensei franchise, developed by Atlus Co., Ltd. Welcome to Shin Megami Tensei Armageddon! This game started out as a small passion project of mine, which eventually blossomed into full-scale game. As a...
  12. watermark

    Looking for Dungeon Puzzle Designers for 99!

    Hello! We are looking for Puzzle Designers for 99! The Demo is up, please play it for a bit to get an idea of how it works here: The goal is to make 99 the BEST EVER Dungeon Crawler for RPG Maker (well, for this year anyway.) But for this to happen, we need your help. As you can see...
  13. ShinNessTen

    Soul Effect recruiting 2 Talents! (3 technically)

    I don't even remember if i did something like this before on this forum... but my topic list says nope, so... i'm gonna go ahead and try my best to give you guys a bit of insight to my game and then start talking about recruitment... ing... something. I dunno! So as some of you may know...
  14. o0Danny0o

    Small team needed (XP)

    Hi everyone. I'm currently making a game called "Arune" which is a RPG and the game is being made using only RPG Maker XP pre-supplied resources but i am trying my best to make a great quality game i also have no intentions of "Ditching" this game so i wont be wasting peoples time. My goal is to...
  15. Demon God Démigra

    Seeking Programmer for External Bust/Sprite Generator Project

    ** I do hope this is in the right section. Please excuse the ignorance if not... I asked and someone suggested that it went here. ** Scope A fully functional, intuitive, and aesthetically pleasing character graphics generator for use for games. Ambitiously speaking, I'd like for this to...
  16. Dagsin

    Broken (Horror Game - Looking for pixel artist and editors!)

    Hi! Dagsin here from Velocity Games. I'm posting in attempt to find people to help me out with developing my RPG Maker horror game. Inspired by games like Ib, Mad Father, and Witch's House, I want to develop "Broken" into something reminiscent of them. I would develop the project on my own, but...
  17. Recruiting - Elenia

    I am creating a game at the moment. I am, however, running into some problems with creating a custom title screen, and making city maps. If anyone is skilled at creating city type maps, I would appreciate any help you could offer immensely, as it is probably my weakest point altogether! If you...
  18. Mana Aeliria

    Seeking spritist - Trading for custom Music/Art

      First of all thank you for reading this topic. We are currently recruiting anyone who is experienced in the sections listed down below. Someone who loves to be a team-player and works with passion. Mana Aeliria is in development for over a year now. The first 6 months were basically concept...
  19. xSparkZx

    Recruiting artists

    TOPIC CLOSED This game seems to be uninteresting for everyone here...i take that as a lesson. I've seen other projects and to be honest, comparing to my game my game sucks ***** I'll start a new project (don't know when, and i'll improve my skills, like learning photoshop and stuff. I'll...
  20. TheGreyDemon

    In need of a Artist, scripter and Music artist!

    Okay! Let's begin this request, shall we? I've been working on this project alone for pretty much, a year or so. I've had to restart entirely around 4 times because of one error or another.  Seeing that I've finally catching drift of a possible success with this version, I noticed something...

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