1. ElieTaping

    FREE Vinland Online IGMC Project Recruitment

    Welcome to Vinland Online's Project Recruitment Thread! I know you have a lot of questions, especially about the title. So let's get to that first :kaopride: Vinland Online, just because it has the word "Online" doesn't entirely mean online ONLINE, no no not like that :kaosalute: Vinland...
  2. Phoenixsylph

    FREE Looking for: sprite artists, monster makers, Plugin assist

    Engine: RPG Maker MV Synopsis: "Quest of the Feral Queen" This project is going to have a very jrpg like feel, the main character is a long time dungeons and dragons character I have used, and it's starts off with her backstory. Some of mine and my friends DND characters will be in game. As...
  3. Vis_Mage

    FREE Pokemon RMN - Seeking Pixel Artists

    Hello! How are you doing? I am hoping to recruit a pixel artist or two to help me bring Pokemon RMN, a community-based Pokemon fan project in which I recently became the only active developer for, to life. You can check out the project here! We already have a demo released, that plays up to...
  4. Spookyrpgmaker

    TRADE Loss Surreal RPG Horror help needed

    Hey guys!! I am working on a new game in RPG maker which is a survival horror inspired by one shot and witches house. I am looking to get some help with the game, here's a small description of the game. loss is a surreal survival horror puzzle adventure game with unique mechanics /...
  5. Kraden96

    Evermore Chronicles - In search of Pixel Artist

    Engine: RPG Maker MV Synopsis: A Western take on the classic JRPG formula. Evermore is an in development rpg maker game based on a deep routed story filled with a plethora of lore and things to learn about the world around you. The experience will heavily reward players that explore the...
  6. homietwin

    FREE RPG game, Code Name Essence

    CODE NAME: ESSENCE Hi Everyone, I have several pages of notes, characters created, and side stories for many of the characters. I have created several areas, most of a world map, and a few scenes. What i don't have is a team to help me continue creating this game and see it become something we...
  7. RM2k/3 Grimoire (demo test)

    Grimoire is an RPG turn per turn based with only one main character on the line, with a vibe of Chaos Legion or Devil May Cry (when you complete a stage, you get a score). When a mission or stage is cleared, you return to the Inn, a sort of HQ where you find and talk to people for progressing...
  8. Prime Games

    FREE Long term partnership (Artists)

    Alright listen up amazing human beings! I am currently in need of an Artist. Preferably a beginner artist. I am currently in a small team of beginners and we want to build up together as a team. We are going to start with small projects of course and then move on to bigger ones. Our current...
  9. Juztsacki

    FREE Kingdom Hearts : Nexus Within Twilight (Fan-Game) - Every Position Needed

    Engine: RPG Maker MV Game Release(s): Non-commercial, Non-Profit, English. (Simple A Game to Build For building Quality and Experience other to Enjoy) Genre(s): Fantasy, Action, RPG, Adventure About: This is a fan-made based Kingdom Hearts game that surrounds around a story of a keyblader...
  10. BunnyNubNub

    The Red Letter [ r p g h o r r o r ] Team needed!

    Hello there! Thank you for checking out this thread. Any help is appreiciated; I've divided this thread into sections for your reading understanding of my project that I've been planning for a year; The Red Letter. I have always wanted to create an unforgettable game, something as...
  11. Sedna


    Hi everyone, I'm currently working with a smalll team on a RPG VX Ace game called "Outbreak Chronicles", mostly inspired of Telltale's The Walking Dead, State of Decay and Day Z. The story will follow two different characters through 10 chapters. If some of you are interested in working...
  12. RECRUITING (Commercial Game) HELP NEEDED

    I am looking for people with skill for this game i am creating, i have the main idea of it already and i also have made many parts of the game but not enough. It is an open world sandbox type game, it is mostly like the game called "Stick RPG" (find it on xgenstudios...
  13. LecidiousSoftware

    Solar Eclipse

    Hello! I am looking for testers, and people to help me with a Project I am working on. The name of the game is Solar Eclipse and about 90% of the game is the stock resources mainly tilesets and graphics, I am however getting some music from other creators. So what I really need for this project...
  14. Vanessa

    a seinen Anime based game RPG Need engineer |Javascript / plugin maker|

    Hello, i'm Schlee from Dollhouse Symphony, looking for a system engineer who willing to work together for the RPG Maker MV project titled CROSSFATE SAGA : VANESSA. You can read the game description right to our Indiegogo campaign...
  15. Recruitment for a in-developing game!

    Didn't know how to delete it.
  16. TheHybrid

    Naming a character within a recruitment system

    Hi! Today I wanted to build a recruitment system in RMMV to make the player recruit random characters to go with him on a quest. (Sort of Darkest Dungeon now that I think of it.) So I found a script call for conditional branch en changing character names that I think would come in handy...
  17. Creative Director Seeking Team

    I’m a novel writer hoping to branch out into video games.  I bought RPG Maker MV, as well as dino Builder Visual Novel Studio, and planned on making some games myself.  It turns out I’m not so good at the technical side of things.  Though I’m confident I could learn, it’s just not what I’m...
  18. Power Master

    Desperate Final Call for Sprite Help! (Nulled)

    My game is nearing completion as all I have left are the sprites. My brother has been drawing them for a long time now (since June, I think), but has now hit a slump and is too focused on his own work to continue. So for one final time, I am asking for help. Conditions: This is a freely made...
  19. [FREE] Royalties Possibility |

    Hey,  I work for an indie gaming blog called Reconnect Revolution and we are getting into the gaming scene ourselves - not just reviewing other people games anymore. I am extremely busy running everything that goes on and I need people who can be a good member of our team, but also not require...
  20. Mickychi

    Project Growth (IGMC 2015) Recruitment NEED SPRITER!

    Hi I would have posted this sooner but I was still debating at the time whether or not I would have enough time to completely make a game in one month, anyway I did start and am making progress on the game I have decided to make the name Project Growth but could seriously use a hand to make the...

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