1. Zentsuki

    Looking for eventers!

    Good evening everyone! This is yet another post, since I'm once again looking for help. My team and I have been working on our baby project called the Dread Islands, a survival post-apocalypse RPG on RPG Maker VX Ace. It's been in developpement for close to two months now, although the actual...
  2. Plus1Attack

    Dungeon Heroes: Seekers of the Crystal Star

    The Official     Early Project Feedback Thread     An early overview of the project plan involving plot, characters, world, mechanics, design and more.  A quick disclaimer that I'm using almost entirely original RPG Maker VX Ace materials, including DS and DS+ resource packages by choice.  The...
  3. TMS

    Game "Drafts"

    Making a game is shaping up to be the most complicated and challenging project I've ever taken on. For the most part this is because on my own I don't have the skills to achieve what I'd like to. If I don't want a game I make to suck, I'm going to need help with things like the creation of...
  4. "EarthBound Style Engine 0.6" (reupdated 1/9/2015) Team Recruitment

    I have started an "EarthBound Style Engine" which replicates core features found in "EarthBound - Mother 2" using RPG Maker VX Ace. Edit : This Engine has been updated to 0.6 as of 1/9/2015 - Enemies will now halt when a battle is initiating - Turned the hue down on all swirl animations -...
  5. Karberus

    [Orison]Recruiting team members(Artists, Mappers, Voice, etc.)

    Orison is the name of the team that will be working on a project that is currently Untitled but code-named "Strange". This is completely and entirely for FUN. There will be no money involved. That said, it is still very important that if you choose to join in on this, you show effort in doing...
  6. J0pac

    Help me colour busts,please.

    Lately I've been seriously thinking about getting busts for my game.I always wanted them but I knew that finding someone to do them for free and for my whole game would be impossible. Let me get to the point,my brother is a gifted artist(It's hard for me to admit,but yeah...he's good at it and...
  7. Dark_Metamorphosis

    Violent Whispers - [Recruitment Thread]

        Hi Everyone!   I'm currently recruiting for my game Violent Whispers, and I'm in need of some assistance to make the development a bit easier on me. The game has gone through a lot of polish, and most of the planning is complete (Even though there are still some work to be done there). Down...
  8. Jiggy

    WE Need You (Yes YOU) In My Team

    Hello everyone! My name is Jigs. It's a reeeaaally weird name. haha. You probably have seen this before but if not, I am making a non-commercial game using RPG Maker VX Ace. I am already working with a team, but I need more help. And that means I NEED YOU. :D here it goes >.<   Story...
  9. Silent Darkness

    About the rules regarding project recruitment

    I've seen the rules having to do with project recruitment as opposed to spamming requests everywhere. And, I happen to see a pitfall that has me kind of stuck. Suppose you have a project where the story and gameplay is mostly worked out in your head, and you could easily put out a plot...
  10. Zack

    Looking for member to collaborate with. POSITION FILLED

              I've literally Just began a project that Is currently called "Yellow King's Shadow". It is a non-commercial project and I expect it to last around ten hours. I already have plenty of experience using the engine, as seen by my previous and now permanently cancelled project, Frost. It...

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