1. Final Fantasy XIV's DoubleCast (Yanfly's FFV Dualcast)

    Hello beautiful people! Here I am trying to somehow tweak Yanfly's FFV dualcast to make it work as the FFXIV (if possible). If you have a better way to do it i'd like to hear it. For those unfamiliar with how the FFXIV version works, I'll explain: You cast some random magic, it doesn't...
  2. Nightblade50

    Red/blue text

    I know red and blue text can be used by moderators. But what do they mean? When and why would a mod use them?
  3. Sunight Games

    "Rogue Port - Blue Nightmare" a RMVXAce Game on Steam Greenlight

    Hey everyone, how's it going? I was wondering what you all think of our action-based retro RPG "Rogue Port - Blue Nightmare"? All future versions are shaped based on feedback, please consider voting for us on Greenlight if you have the time, feel free to ask any questions and thanks for your...
  4. Hikitsune-Red

    Hikitsune-Red's Tiny But Useful Plug-Ins - NEW: A PH_Warehouse Edit = ^~^ =

    Plug-Ins! by @Hikitsune-Red RED_RandomLoadingScreen RED_SetRegionId PH_Warehouse (edited by me to allow renaming capabilities and randomized items) Terms of Use (can also be found in-file) - Free for non-commercial and commercial use - Just give me some minute...
  5. Need a matching battleback for DemonCastle3

    I'm trying to make a battle in an evil-esque throne room using the DemonCastle3 battleback, but there's no matching counterpart for the floor. Does anyone know of a good red carpet to match this?
  6. Sunight Games

    Rogue Port - Red Nightmare (Modern RPG on Steam)

    Developed by Sunight Games in RPG Maker VX Ace, Help reunite your missing friends and save your family from wild animals, mutants, inanimate objects, aliens and the undead! "Rogue Port - Red Nightmare" is a turn based modern RPG that uses a 16 bit graphic style and an in game day/night...
  7. tsu

    red and white kimono needed

    so my character looks like this: but her sprite looks like this: because famitsu generator doesn't have any kimonos, let alone a red and white one I don't really know how to edit sprites or where to find kimonos I can add on, and all I have to work with is gimp at the moment my chara...
  8. WolfraverXemnas

    Looking for Characters

    I'm looking for two character sets and two faceset expressions (which I can imagine) have been done before, one resembling Miku Hatsune and the other resembling little red riding hood with her hood up. I've found a miku faceset, but it's not similar to the RMVX Ace or Celiana's facesets.
  9. Lunarea

    Moderator Action Text Color

    This is just a quick announcement to let you all know that we have changed the color of Moderator action text to blue. Mod talk will now look like this. When you see it, pay attention! :D We hope that the blue will be a little less intimidating than the red we've been using thus far. The...

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