1. Update battlers UI during a fight

    Hello there! I'm currently trying to make a switch system that allows the player to switch active members during battles. It's working fine using $gameParty.swapOrder(), but the UI doesn't update after the switch. What I mean is if i'm using heroes 1-4 at the beginning of the fight, and switch...
  2. Lord Vectra

    [XP] Updating a window via another window

    So I'm using Blizzard's Stat Distribution script (Link), and it's divided into 4 different windows. I'm trying to get Window_DistributionStatus to refresh when Window_Distribution refreshes. I'm close to figuring it out, but now I'm stuck. What I figured out so far: To recall a window, I can...
  3. Magusalfador

    Is there a way to scriptcall a refresh on a Battle?

    Hi all!! Im changing /swapping actors in the middle of a battle. The problem is, a battler sprite is not loading properly when it enters the battle. Is there a way to refresh the whole scene? or refresh a specific actor sprite or something of the sort? Im asking for the scriptcall cause that...
  4. Isabella Ava

    Refresh Game Screen?

    Hi guys, i don't know what is the proper way to call it by Refresh Game/ Clear cache? But things are, my MV game keep slowing down over time until it turning into very lag. But once i opened the Menu, after closed it the game FPS back to normal again? ( I am not sure what cause this, maybe due...
  5. AdamSakuru

    Changing base audio files later?

    I put up a demo of my project so far and someone pointed out that I should have music in my demo. Currently the music is being worked on and might take awhile, but I was wondering if it's possible to put in audio files that I can change later without having to update every instance of it in the...
  6. killerfer

    Refresh the Equip Scene

    I'm using a common event inside the equip scene (with Hime - Scene Interpreter), and I need to refresh the equip scene (more specifically the slots window) after the event is over. Is there a way to do it with a script call from the event? I'm using VX Ace btw.
  7. Lonewulf123

    SRD Hud Maker - Battle HUD Refresh

    Hello, I've been using SRD's HUD Maker, and it's a great tool! I like the ease of use and ability to make my own HUD. Recently, I've made my topic where I wanted the actor HUD to change faces when they were inflicted with certain states...
  8. S.Court

    Manually refreshing skill window

    Hello, I have a question I linked a skill with a custom event and I used Hime's scene interpreter script to make it appears right in menu screen, but I'd like after the common event ends, the skill window refreshes itself, basically because it modifies Max HP, and some variables are used in...
  9. Feli

    Command for Refresh Map and Show Ballon Icon Infinitely

    Hello! 1. I would like to know the command to refresh a map. Because I have a problem with a plugin and it seems that the problem is this, since whenever I exit / enter the map or open / close menu the problem disappears. 2. Also, I wonder if there is a way to show a balloon icon...
  10. SilverDash

    Did anyone figure out how to refresh autotiles?

    I suppose this is internal (hidden) code? Because I can't find how RM does this when placing a tile in the editor. If I have an autotile but it's the wrong one (shift-placed). How can I update it through code (@runtime) so it becomes the proper autotile? I of course know the x and y and mapdata...
  11. SilverDash

    Scripts won't refresh on new Playtest

    The game is NOT running while editing my script. 1. I edit my script 2. I save the *.js file in the editor 3. I press CTRL+R (or use the Playtest button) Result: My script did not update in the game. It still uses the old version. 1. I edit my script 2. I save the *.js file in the editor...
  12. Rikifive

    [SOLVED] Referring To Instance Variables From Another Class

    Hello everybody!   I would like to ask how to refer to a instance variable from another class. So, let's say I have something like this: Don't mind the messy examples and such, I just want to know how to refer to that variable in different class.   Why am I asking? Because I'm modifying Galv's...
  13. Problems with Variables (Instant Refreshing of Variables)

    RPG Maker VX Ace Hey Guys, i hope someone can help me with a little problem i just found. In my actual project i'm trying to add the damage Variables of skills into their description text. Ex. Deals 20 + \C[11]\v[6]\C[0] damage and knocks back the enemy. So far it works fine. The value of...

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