1. Elhijei

    RMMV YEP DoT/Regen + Barrier, show animation even if 0 value

    Hello, this is my first post, forgive me if it's not the right place :) I need some help. I'm using YEP's DoT/Regen plugin as well as the barrier one. I'm making an accessory that gives the one who wears it get each turn a barrier equal to 1% of their max hp. So I linked the item to a passive...
  2. Uzuki

    How to create a Regen/Poison status like the ones in Slay The Spire?

    Hey everyone! I want to create a Regen/Poison status effect like the one in Slay The Spire. The way it works in that game is that when you say inflict Poison on an enemy, the poison does damage depending on the number inflicted. So say you play a card that inflicts 5 Poison to an enemy. On their...
  3. tale

    Regen/Degen Battle Log

    DisplayRegenerateMessage - 2017/05/27 v1.1.0 Creator name: フトコロ (futokoro) Introduction Possible to see Regeneration/Degeneration message in the battlelog. Features - Displays amount of HP / MP / TP in the battle log at the end of the turn - Possible to change the message for increase and...
  4. tale

    Regen/Degen Battle Log

    Regen Battle Log 2019/03/09 Creator name: Ru/むっくRu (Rutan) Introduction Possible to see Regeneration/Degeneration message in the battlelog. Note: This script is based on futokoro's DisplayRegenerateMessage.js to VX Ace Features Displays amount of HP / MP / TP in the battle log at the end of...
  5. KazukiT

    How to toggle Custom Regen state for Yanfly Action Sequence 1

    I was wondering if there was a way to toggle on and off a custom regen state with yanfly action sequences pack 1. This is the formula that will be used when you use the Guard command. <Custom Regenerate Effect> var mpheal = (2); user.gainMp(+mpheal ); user.startDamagePopup()...
  6. Nacura

    Help Regeneration in battle

    Hello everyone! I need help from you, how can I make my character regenerate every second, but inside the battle? When I'm struggling to regenerate every second, it's obviously 120 frames, if you could help me. I only have the one that regenerates out of battle. Thanks :D
  7. Need help with Yanfly Regen and DoT R

    I have been trying to implement regen over time spell that heals everyone for 2 points of damage at the end of every turn. Part of the strategy of the game is to balance regen effects with incoming DoT damage, so this is crucial to certain fights. However, when enemies deal enough damage to kill...
  8. Lady_Elva

    Hp Regen Skill

    Hello all, I'm still trying to learn how MV works and game making in general and I could use some help. I am trying to create a skill that regenerates HP over time for a few turns (probably 5) and I'm not sure what to do or how to do it. I know there's a formula but I have no idea what the...
  9. Animebryan

    Need plugin for regenerating HP while walking

    I need a plugin to make it possible to regen HP while walking when wearing certain armor. The regen needs to be exclusive to walking on a map & not in battle. Need to be able to control how many steps are necessary to gain x amount of HP (a function for MP would be nice too). I tried this using...
  10. Nirwanda

    Stop out of battle regeneration

    Just what the title says: I would be very grateful if someone could help me with a snippet that would stop hrg and mrg from working out of battle. BTW, be warned that while I'm not planning to make this game commercial it would be open for donations when (if :P) I post it on itch.io. So this...
  11. Jragyn

    J MapTime Regen

    J_MapTime V: 1.0  Creator name: J ( Jragyn, J, Jeremy, take your pick) Introduction This is a stand-alone plugin that puts use to stats like HRG/MRG/TRG on the map. I'll say this many times, but even though it does work without a HUD, I imagine that it would make the most sense to find a...
  12. Leah Prime

    Regen/poison based on stats rather then percentages?

    Hi. I want to have a skill that causes HP regeneration based on the stats of the caster, rather then the Max HP of the recepiant. EG: A skill that regenerates HP each turn based on the casters MATK stat, sort of like casting a cure spell at the end of each turn. But the amount of HP restored...
  13. MobiusXVI

    State Slip Skills

    Mobius's State Slip Skills 1.7 by MobiusXVI Release Notes v. 1.0 - 9 Sep 14 - Initial Release v. 1.5 - 4 Oct 14 - Improved DBS Integration v. 1.6 - 2 Feb 20 - Improved compatibility with other scripts v. 1.7 - 29 Jul 20 - Fixed obscure bug where "regen" type skills appeared to...
  14. noelburgundy27

    Class-Specific TP Regen

    Class-Specific TP Regen script by California Macky (that's me!) This script allows you to have specific classes charge TP per turn, like what rogues and thieves do in various other RPGs. Instructions are in the script itself, though I wouldn't advise using it with my Tactics Ogre MP-TP Battle...
  15. Mahoken

    Simple Question: How do you change the number of steps it takes for a state to heal you with HRG on?

    I want a potion I made to heal you every 10 steps by a certain amount for another specified steps. It seems like the number a steps it takes is always random. Where can I change the amount of steps it takes to heal?
  16. rapiermother

    Simulating "HP-Walk" Effect (Without affecting HP in Battle)

    How can I simulate the HP Walk effect of Dragon Quest's Magic Armor and Erdrick's Armor? I know that I can set the trait HRG to set HP regeneration, but this isn't even close. This trait regenerates health during battle (which I don't want), and it is far too variable in its healing (in that it...
  17. Zevia

    Recovery Rate and HP Regen

    I have a state that reduces recovery rate to 0%. It works just fine against direct healing that's calculated in an ability or with items, but it doesn't stop HRG. For example, I have a state that's set to HRG * 3%, and even if the state that applies REC * 0% is on, the target will still recover...
  18. MP Recovered on Attack

    I'm looking for a script that can allow you to gain MP when you attack using the basic attack command, like TP but have it's own rate of return. I don't want this to be the used for all classes, only two of them. I did find a script here but it only works when you are hit, not when you attack...
  19. FenixFyreX

    MP Regen System

    Mp Regeneration System v 1.4 FenixFyreX Introduction This script sets everyone's MP to 0 (one actually, cause of the first turn) at the beginning of the battle and gives each actor and enemy a defined amount of MP each turn. Features -=- Make MP start at 0 and work it's way up, making...

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