1. autodidact

    Parsing Data in Notes field

    Hello, I have been trying to get this JS script just right, but my research and extremely limited regex experience is not helping. It is very easy to use RPG's meta field, unfortunately my tags do not allow me to utilize the "meta" property since they use the same key name. These are the tags...
  2. Jonforum

    Regex match and return Word \w+ space \s

    Hi  I have something like this TXTitem = " #Cadre: D4 Fire #Slot: Dice #type: Power "; I need to get text after #Cadre: How to get te full text with space. I try this var matches = /#Cadre: (\w+)\s/.exec(TXTitem); or this var matches = /#Cadre: (\w+)\s+/.exec(TXTitem)...
  3. S_Rank_Crazy

    Find values between markers?

    Hey guys, In all my years of programming, regular expressions have just been the bane of my existence, but sadly my knowledge of how they function just isn't enough to solve my current problem. Basically I'm looking to set up some escape-string functionality, like that found in the message...
  4. Milena

    RegEx for Getting a value from the note tag

    I just want to ask how are you able to get the value of a note tag on a certain tab? Here's an example: <hertz: 90> I want to know how to get that 90 from the note tag <hertz: x> (which x is the value) and store it in a variable. Thanks a lot.
  5. Regexp matches many in Rubular but not in production.

    * Edit: Neglected to put [Ace] in the header. On Rubular, the following regular expression evaluates 7 match groups - as expected /^<(\w+)\s*(\w+=".*")*\s*(??:\/\s*>)|(?:>(.*)<\s*\/\s*\1\s*>))$/mHowever, the following line only returns the last match in a note box...
  6. Napoleon

    Need some notetag help

    My item notetag: <recipe> <image "soup.png">  <ingredient 21 3>  <ingredient 22 5>  <ingredient 23 2></recipe>Checking if it contains a recipe tag is easy: #RECIPE_TAG = <recipe>class RPG::Item  def is_recipe?        return note =~ /#{Nap::RECIPE_TAG}/  endendBut I need to search the...

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