1. Fornoreason1000

    Regular Expression in a Loop!

    Just found and interesting but potentially brain scrambling bug involving using Regular expressions recursively. I consider it a potential trap for new players, (don't know what forum this fits into) take this source string <commandA: 10> <commandA: 9> <commandA: 5> <commandA: 4> <commandA: 3>...
  2. [ACE] Creating and returning skill notetag array data?

    So, I have managed to use text from skill notetags as data before (see below), using examples from scriptors. But this data has always been based on numerical digits and not arrays, and I'm not really experienced with or can comprehend enough of Regexp processes to figure this out myself...
  3. Rinobi

    Help with Regexp

    I put together this note tag. /<Index:[ ](.*), Copy:[ ](.*), Take:[ ](.*)>/i Usage1: <Index: 5, Copy: 3, Take: 2> Usage2: <Index: 2, Copy: 2, Take: 0> Usage3: <Index: 3, Copy: 1,2,3, Take: 3,2> The method which evaluates this note tag works something like this. (Don't take it too...
  4. Adding additional properties to items

    Alright so I've made a new layout for my statistics comparison in the equip scene, and I have additional statistics for my actors... however, I don't know how to add additional statistics to my weapons and armors that -actually register- here... I tried Bobstah's custom stats for a workaround...
  5. Sarlecc

    Checking unknown player sentence input

    So I am trying to expand my knowledge on regexp's by programming a script that takes a sentence that a player types, and then gives a response based on what words makes up that sentence. i.e: I know how to get the player's input however I am having trouble with the match data. For example...
  6. Regexp matches many in Rubular but not in production.

    * Edit: Neglected to put [Ace] in the header. On Rubular, the following regular expression evaluates 7 match groups - as expected /^<(\w+)\s*(\w+=".*")*\s*(??:\/\s*>)|(?:>(.*)<\s*\/\s*\1\s*>))$/mHowever, the following line only returns the last match in a note box...

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