region restriction

  1. Nowis-337

    RMMZ [SOLVED] Vehicles ignoring Region Ruling? (VisuStella Event Move Core)

    Hello all! I am have a little trouble keeping my boats and ships to stay in the water with the VisuStella Event Move Core - Region Rulings function. To my understanding, "walk allow" should only allow walking sprites to enter - which I've set to Region 1 in the example below. Region 1 under...
  2. QMovement with YEP_RegionRestriction

    Hello together, i want to use an ABS with the possebillity of RegionRestriction. Also i want to use this Script to switch Regions: But now I have an problem, it seems so, that they are not working together, because...
  3. Anchovy

    Different Region Access for Different NPCs

    Is it possible to create rules that restrict and allow different NPCs to pass through different regions? For example, if everyone's movement is random... Grass = Region 10 Water = Region 20 Event 1, 2, 3 = Cats Event 4, 5, 6 = Ducks Event 7, 8, 9 = Fish I want to bind Events 1-3 to Region...
  4. CreativeVulpine

    YanFly Region Restriction - Restrict multiple regions

    How do I restrict multiple regions to events. I want the event to not pass through regions 1 and 2, while only allowing the player to pass through region 2. I tried just added the region as shown, however it then cancels the restriction on region 1.
  5. QuasiMovement and Event Restriction

    Hey! I'm working on a puzzle game, where Quasis Pixelmovement is important for some major mechanics. I dont know how to handle it correctly though. So, for one puzzle, you push around some blocks to their destination. These blocks can be only moved in a specific area though (in the picture is...
  6. Tonko

    Restrict movement directions with YEP Region Restrictions?

    Hello there. Today I started a new project, and I have already made two maps using Parallax mapping, using Galv's Layer Graphics for the overlay, the built-in parallax system for the ground and YEP Region Restrictions for making the player and the events able to walk. But there is a problem...
  7. tetsure

    Yanfly Region Restriction Problem

    Hello all!  I am having a problem with Yanfly's Region Restriction. Simply put, RPG Maker MV is not registering the areas I marked as walkable as, well, walkable. I cannot move my character due to the underlying transparent tiles being non-passable by default (I'm using the default...
  8. Tamaki742

    Yanfly Region Restriction and Region Events

    Hello! So I was trying to use both Yanfly Region Restriction and Region Events at the same time, so I could make stepping sounds on my parallax map. The problem is when I apply the region id for region events, it overwrote the region id for region restriction. So my character can't even...

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