1. Kensei Takezo

    Kal Spawner- terrain tag or region?

    Hello everyone! So I'm doing some spawnings with Kal's spawner in combination with Falcao's ABS Pearl v3 (yes I have Sixth's patch) in my dungeons and realized that I have some maps that I want enemies to spawn only in certain areas. I know it already has the function of spawning on passable...
  2. vectorinox

    Get value of player current region id?

    In rpgmaker VX ace, you can use $game_player.region_id to return a value of the player current region id. What's the java version of this command  for RMMV?  I tried $gameParty.regionId() and it is not a function :(
  3. sdohda

    Yanfly Region Restrictions Help

    Hello everyone, and thanks for taking the time to read this. I apologize in advance if this isn't in the right section within the forums. I am new to developing on RPG Maker MV, I haven't touched programs like this since Don Miguels RPG Maker 2000 lol. What I am trying to do here is this...
  4. Hikitsune-Red

    Hikitsune-Red's Tiny But Useful Plug-Ins - NEW: A PH_Warehouse Edit = ^~^ =

    Plug-Ins! by @Hikitsune-Red RED_RandomLoadingScreen RED_SetRegionId PH_Warehouse (edited by me to allow renaming capabilities and randomized items) Terms of Use (can also be found in-file) - Free for non-commercial and commercial use - Just give me some minute...
  5. styx92

    YEP Event Chase Stealth - Stealth Region

    Hello Guys, i have a short question. I use for my stealth system the event chase stealth from Yanfly. But i have one single problem, in my game the actor go into stealth at a specific Regio ID. He hides in the shadows and this works, but i want the actor get transparent and a specific...
  6. Custom Character Creation (Excelsior DOS Clone)

    Hey Guys,   I have had some experience with using RPG Maker in the past, but I've always worked within clear parameters before. However, now I have a very clear vision of what I want and I can't do that with MV. Or more accurately, I do not know how to do it with MV, but I am pretty sure its...
  7. Can Regions Work Below Player, Or Are They Same As Player Only?

    A follow to my map reset thread: Whenever I touch a region, I can't reset the map. Do regions only act like "same as characters", in that you only have to be touching a region to trigger an event, or can I make it so that only when the player is on top of the region and the region is under...
  8. Mr. Trivel

    Dark Room Covers

    Name: Dark Room Covers Version: 1.1 Author: Mr. Trivel Created: 2016-02-17   What does it do? Allows to show and hide regions.   Video:   How to use? Everything is set up using Plugin Commands. And we have a couple of those: RegionReveal...
  9. Mr. Trivel

    Region Transfer

    Name: Region Transfer Version: 1.0 Author: Mr. Trivel Created: 2016-02-15   What does it do? Transfers player when stepping on a region.   Screenshots: Nu-uh.   How to use: Use the following tag in map properties note field: <RegionTransfer: [RegionId]...
  10. Mogipo

    How to make certain events for one region only?

    Hello! I'm working on a certain's how it goes. When I exit my house and enter the new region outside, I want there to be a sun graphic and a specific BGM. But here's the problem...when I exit my house and enter the new region the music and the graphic is still present when I walk back...
  11. DarknessFalls

    Flare Remove Troop From Region

    Flare Remove Troop From Region vs 1.0 Download: Here Credit: Darknessfalls You can use for free in commercial games This script will remove one or more enemy troops from the `encounterList` for a map object. We do this destructively, how ever its also non destructive such that I save...
  12. DarknessFalls

    Flare Collection - Play Music on Region Touch

    Flare Play Music On Region Touch vs 1.0 Download: here Credit: Darknessfalls The above shows you how to quickly set up a set of regions that when touched music plays. In the above, 19 plays the river BGS while 20 fades it out over 2 seconds. So How is this done? Paint some regions on the...
  13. Archangelx


    I have had RPG Maker VX Ace for around a year or maybe more and recently bought MV. So I would like to ask; what are regions and what do I do with them? Seriously. I never wrapped my head around them so I never used them. One day I was surfing the RPG Maker topics and noticed that a lot of...
  14. Mr. Trivel


    Name: Quicksand Version: 1.3 Author: Mr. Trivel Created: 2015-11-27   What does it do? Allows regions to sink players and events in. If player sinks in completely - game over screen or common event can be executed.   Screenshots:   How to use? Set up tags Map...
  15. estriole

    EST - RegionMapLoader

    ■ Information ╒══════════════════════════╛ EST - RegionMapLoader Version: 1.0 By Estriole File name: EST_RegionMapLoader.js ■ Introduction ╒══════════════════════════╛ Replace map data you mark with region with other map data. usefull if you want to transform part of the...
  16. MakoTorii

    Terrain Tags/Region Map Passability

    I'm requesting a plugin that will use regions to overwrite passability settings of tiles in maps. For reference, this is Neon Black's Ace script that does what I am requesting for.
  17. Naveed

    Check Region of Event

    So this is more of a quick question. I need to know the script call that will let me check if an event is on a specific region id so that I can use it in a conditional branch. I remember the call for vx ace but I see that its different for MV. I searched the script calls list but couldn't find...
  18. MeowFace

    Randomize Event Placement based on Region

    Made for a request here. This script simply randomize the events position in the map with a name tag based on region. Features: Randomize Event Position(Placement) How to Use: [1] Paste the script below Material and above Main [2] Set up the region number you wish to use in the setting...
  19. Castagna

    Walk "under" walls

    Hello :)   In this rpg maker version, I can't set walls as star fields (or maybe I don't know how to do it?), so i can't walk under them, or use their tile as event to move under it. I'm using an event that make the character able to walk through walls and sets its opacity to 20 when he has to...
  20. Kes

    Using a region to make a tile impassable in all circumstances

    The way I map, the player can walk behind walls, roofs, cliffs etc.  This is done using star settings on the tile.  For tiles that would normally be auto tiles, I'm using a B-E version for these occasions in MV. However, it means that if the player walks behind a wall, they can continue down...

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