1. BloodletterQ

    Yanfly Region Events: Party Chat and Skit System

    Trying to get a party chat feature running. The dialogue changes once I'm on the right region, but if I'm still on the region after the skit happens once (as it should,) the Story Progress won't end unless I step off the region. Please don't kill me Shaz!
  2. MeowFace

    Terrain Tag/Region Passage Block via Switch

    Made for a request here. There are 2 scripts. 1 for terrain tag, 1 for region. So the users can choose to use either one or both. Features: [1] A way to block paths using Region IDs/Terrain Tags [2] Able to add more than one region/terrain tag for blocking. [3] On/Off controllable by...
  3. pizzacat

    Region Restricted Movement

    Region Restricted Movement Overview This script lets you create regions on the map that the player/events can't pass through. You can specific the forbidden regions for each event individually or all of them(globally), as well as having multiple forbidden regions per event/player if you...
  4. xxxtimmyturner420xxx

    Events adding to variable after touching region

    Hello, how would one command events to add to a variable after touching a region? I'm using a "path_find(x, y)" custom script to help the event navigate the map, and I want the event to add to a variable after the event is on the appropriate region. The events move to the region, and...
  5. Deathspecter

    Galv's Region Effect's problems

    Hi all, I'm running into this problem with Galv's Region Effects script:  >_> The footprints/water splash/grass moves do not disappear on it's own, and their animation doesn't appear.  :headshake: The direction of the footprints is always the same as well, no matter to which direction I...
  6. RamminRyan

    Moving Spike Trap

    I've been using VX Ace for a while now and managed to create some fairly complex events (at least for me) for my project but I've finally reached a hurdle too high. The Setup: I'm looking to make some spike traps that launch towards the player when they are in the same X coordinate or Y...
  7. how to make floating events float over pits that players can't

    Hello, I'm looking for a script to let events moving to be able to pass over certain tiles that the player cannot, but NOT be able to go through walls.  For instance I have an aviary with holes in the floor and birds on random movement.  I want the birds to be able to fly over the holes, but...

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