1. GreyWolfVino

    Region Map Names

    Hey fellow game makers, so I come across this issue. I recently expanded all my small maps into a bigger more detailed map but I still want every individual map/region to have a map name when the player enters that region/area. How would I go about doing so? Thank you so much in advance.
  2. Calling no. of enemy troops in region/map

    Sorry in advance if I can't see the wood for the trees. Broad view: Generic 'please clear map of enemies to advance game' quest First idea: Use conditional branching event to check for live enemy troops and then turn on switch which acts as success state when none are present. Thing I need...
  3. kat821

    How to restrict the player from moving to a region, but allow it for events?

    I wanted to make an event appear as if it moves off the map. I made the map bigger, and used a camera script so the tiles on the border are not visible. I want to restrict the player from moving onto these border tiles, but allow it for the event (so it can move "off" the map). I found a Region...
  4. Josephkhland

    Toggling Passage of Tiles with a specific Region ID, based on a Switch

    I have been trying to make a spell which summons a small familiar that you can move around the map. For achieving that I am making an actor with the name "Familiar" appear in front of the Player, before taking control of it and roaming around the world. When I want to cancel the spell I just...
  5. Conditional branch using Event's Region_ID

    Hi! Is there a way to make a conditional branch that checks wether or not THIS event is in a given region? The event is moving by a move route within itself as a paralell process. When it enters a region I would like it to behave different by controlling a self switch. I'm guessing there...
  6. Mooshry


    I'm making a game on XP, and i wanna make a world map. For that, i need something like the regions in VX and MV. So, each region is a Terrain Tag, and the enemy IDs are set in the script editor. I would like this done before the end of summer BTW. And, each region would have a different...
  7. DragonVine

    Pass Under Tiles via Regions

    Hi folks, I'd like to request a plugin that I think the community would find helpful. I hope someone would be able to make a plugin that allows someone to walk under walls, and other tiles. It can function as a secret passage plugin. It can also allow people to walk behind buildings (which is a...
  8. Region ID on an event?

    Hey RPG MAKER community :) I'm new here and wanted to know how to place Region ID on event. I use the script call: "$gameMap.regionId($gameMap.event(this._eventId).x, $gameMap.event(this._eventId).y) == 1" but it doesn't work :/ can someone help me, please?! Thanks, Speazy.
  9. Conday

    Setting Regions

    Is there a way to set all tiles of one type as a certain region?  For example, can I set all grass tiles to Region 1 without having to do it by hand?  I looked over a couple tutorials and could not find the answer.  Thanks.
  10. Membou

    Having some issues with Region Restrictions plugin (Yanfly)

    I'm having some trouble with events walking over other events, even with the "all allow" region being set to each tile. Here is my conundrum: Here are the region settings of the map. I have tried this with both all allow and event allow selected, as well as just all allow selected...
  11. Archangelx


    I have had RPG Maker VX Ace for around a year or maybe more and recently bought MV. So I would like to ask; what are regions and what do I do with them? Seriously. I never wrapped my head around them so I never used them. One day I was surfing the RPG Maker topics and noticed that a lot of...
  12. Stopping monsters spawning in a region

    In my game currently I've got it so placing a key item in the correct spot stops the spawning of monsters on all maps. This is not what I was looking for. I'm trying to have the monsters in a specific region on a single map stop spawning when an item gets placed in it's correct container on...
  13. Kes

    Does height region 1 need to be different?

    If I have understood correctly, the region which is set determines the shadow that is thrown in an undifferentiated way. However, I think region 1 needs to be different for the following reason. Take, for example, a small cupboard, table or sideboard next to a window. It's going to be region 1...
  14. Josephkhland

    Counting Steps inside Regions

    So I actually want a script that counts the steps a player makes a total within a certain region during a game.  Also I want a second counter that alos counts the steps a player makes inside a region but that resets when the player leaves that region (also some switches are toggled when a...
  15. Josephkhland

    Counting steps inside a region

    I have been wondering if there is a way to count steps while inside a region and have certain events occur once you have walked a specific number of steps inside the region? I also want to turn the step counter at zero if the player leaves the region.
  16. Tsukihime

    Understanding Tile Regions

    In this article we go over the "Region" property in your tiles. It explains what a region is, how you can use them, what RPG Maker uses them for by default, how you can manipulate it for your own purposes, and finally a sample list of what other scripters have been using regions for. What is...
  17. Advencraftgaming

    Help please! Topic is about Regions

    Hello!      I have a question about the regions because I am stuck and need some help. On the map I am making right now I have 2 regions that I want. One will be grassy plains and the other is tall grass, whenever I go into the map properties and I change the background default to plains I...
  18. Ossra

    Flash Regions 1.0

    Flash Region 1.0 Exhydra Introduction Flash Regions adds the functionality to highlight and 'flash' a specified region or regions in any color, visibly displaying the area to the player. Screenshots How to Use After installing the script, you can either place a tag in the 'note' section of...
  19. Tommy Gun

    RPG Maker VX Ace Beginner Tutorial Video Series (over 2 hours long!)

    This is an overview of the program itself. I try to cover what every button does. Feel free to skip ahead. You may want to watch directly on youtube so the links below are clickable: 1:40 - Map Properties 5:03 - Toolbar 7:40 - Drawing a Map 9:13 - Game Properties (keyboard remapping)...
  20. Leafthefur

    Region trigger events help..

    Im trying to make this event with regions, that when the player touches region 1 the event will trigger This is the event that controls the regions and the one i want to trigger And this is the event i want to trigger This is my problem: When i enter the map, the character (graphic) isnt...

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