regular expression

  1. Your regular expressions on parsing your MV plugin commands?

    While I don't find much value in the MV plugin commands personally, I'm told that it's more friendly for non coders, and I'd assume so for now. However, if a MV plugin command looks like a script call and is written in the way similar to writing a script call, then it seems to me that it's just...
  2. Milena

    Why does contains or match does not work with two tags?

    Can someone explain this? For example, in my event, I did a comment: <sound: 4> <picture: 6> Now, I am told that we can use .contains or .match. WhenI do this: if ([i].parameters[0].match(/<sound:\s*(\d+)?>/im)) { var sound =...
  3. Regexp matches many in Rubular but not in production.

    * Edit: Neglected to put [Ace] in the header. On Rubular, the following regular expression evaluates 7 match groups - as expected /^<(\w+)\s*(\w+=".*")*\s*(??:\/\s*>)|(?:>(.*)<\s*\/\s*\1\s*>))$/mHowever, the following line only returns the last match in a note box...

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