relationship system

  1. lordvalinar

    Friendship-Romance System (FRS)

    Friendship Romance System (FRS) v1.1 (by LordValinar) Introduction Introduces a more in-depth relation system between actors (and events!) New - Latest Update (v1.1 - Jun 22 2021): FEATURES: Notetags(Actors, Skills, Items): Assign notetags that can: Set initial friendship/romance levels...
  2. VioletSpark

    RMMV Wildwood Tales

    Hey everyone, this is just a short introduction to the project I'm currently working on. I'd love to hear your opinions! SECTION A: SYNOPSIS This is a game for people who actually like the part in RPGs where you run around solving everyone's personal problems. IMAGES/SCREENSHOTS...
  3. Matseb2611

    Pegasus-5: Gone Astray

    Trailer: Features: Follow an intense and thrill-inducing sci-fi story set in outer space! Choices matter – The choices you make have an impact on events in the story and how other characters feel about you. Relationship building – What you choose to say or to do will cause you to win or...
  4. DapperHound

    New: Need Help With Relationship System

    I'm completely new to RPG Maker (I use MV btw), and this is my first post on these forums. So excuse me if I am in the wrong area for what I need to ask. I have been creating small test games over the past few days to make sure certain aspects that I want in my actual project will work...
  5. Rhino

    Give Item to Event (Gift Giving System!)

    “Select Item” is a new feature that was introduced to RPG Maker MV. This tutorial aims to explain and give some examples on how to use it. Covering the following: (For beginners) What the select item does and how to use it Eventing a gift giving system How to gift weapons and armors...
  6. Syndicate

    RPG Maker MV: Relationship/Friendship System (&More!)

    Hey! Welcome back to another RPG Maker MV tutorial. As always, the download link is below to get straight into the demo! This one covers storing a relationship/friendship value in a variable to be used to establish some sort of connection with characters around your world. Like a...
  7. gvduck10

    Relationship-Skill system

    This is a modified version of the following idea: Inspired by Star Ocean Second Story, Ar Tonelico, Thousand Arms, and FFIX; I hope to create a game where upon entering each town, various different...

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