1. Kristina

    RMMZ Friendship Plugin

    I've looked and looked, can't seem to find one for MZ so I thought I would ask here. I'm looking for a friendship plugin that shows your friendship status with NPCs and other actors in the menu.
  2. Chef

    Relationship Standards and Intelligence

    Hello, I want to start a small discussion regarding the correlation between Relationship Standards and IQ. Before reading what's below I'd like to say I got diagnonsed with Aspergers yesterday (meaning my brain works a bit different, google it). So keep in mind that social skills are a bit less...
  3. LadyBaskerville

    Extra Status Window (Additional window for showing party's alignment, progress and more)

    Extra Status v1.1.3 LadyBaskerville Introduction This plugin creates a highly customizable status screen that can be accessed from the main menu. It is mainly focused on displaying numeric values ranging between a minimum and a maximum value, like the alignment on a good--evil scale...
  4. Runako

    Advance Interaction Plugin (Pictures included)

    :kaohi: I am working on a game that makes a huge emphasis on interactions with NPCs. In my game, players will talk with NPCs for various reasons: to assemble them into their party, for healing, for stat increase, convert. For sake of distinction there are two different types of NPCs: Enemy...
  5. KayZaman

    Relationship Goal

    Well, it's too soon to ask this question even I need to study how to use variable switch. I wanna make few events where hero have relationship bond with his/her partner or other character. In the end, one of few characters will having a special event if player reached his relationship goal...
  6. HydrogenHuman

    Something similar to V's Relationship/Bio Window

    I would love it if someone could re-create, or could create a tutorial on how to make V's Relationship/Bio Window for MV, which was originally made for VX Ace It looks excellent and it's exactly what I'm looking for in the RPG I'm creating that involves no battles. I'm basically going to...
  7. Relationship Simulation?

    Any ideas on how I can add a relationship simulator into the game? I'm thinking somewhere along the lines of Rune Factory where there's a menu with relationship status meters. I already have an idea on how to create events and use variables to add points to a characters meter, but I don't have a...
  8. Skyfrid

    Create Relationship System with Variables

    Hey my name is Skyfrid, that's Sky- as in blue and -Frid as in fridge. :D  Have you ever had a crush on a game character, only to have her repeat the same thing, every time you speak to her/him. That would be a major set off for anyone. Well look no further, because I'm here to teach you how to...
  9. Jeneeus Guruman

    Relationship System

    Relationship System Version: 1.1.0 By Jeneeus Guruman     Introduction This script allows to give bonuses to certain partners like parameters and exclusive skills. Features Parameter bonus for each partner. Additional skills depending on the partner and their relationship. Screenshots...
  10. Miss Nile

    Fantasy On Mother's Day

    Snow Rose Games presents.... Download me - 16.81 MB   Introduction: Fantasy on Mother's Day was originally a project I have started to take a break from working on The Gifted Child. It was meant to be a very short game, not more than 5 mins or something and to be finished within a...
  11. Jeneeus Guruman

    Relationship System

    Relationship System Version: 1.0.0 By Jeneeus Guruman Introduction This script allows to give bonuses to certains partners like stats and exclusive skills Features Stat bonus for each partner. Skill bonus exclusively for each partner. Screenshots How to Use Just insert above main...

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