1. Matseb2611

    Snares of Ruin 2

    Buy on Steam: $6.99 (click the button below) Features: A sequel to a largely loved detective story with romance, this time taking place in another city. Choices and consequences. Your choices will affect the events of the story and the level of trust the others have in you...
  2. katsuroikesugi

    FREE Jinrui O Sukutta Ki (The Tree That Saved Humanity)

    The roots, the branches, the flowers, the leaves. Katsuro is a student of Ryuuketsu High. She's starting her sophomore year. Ame is a rebellious student that quite enjoys music. Haru is a third-year that takes care of all plants in Ryuuketsu. Takako is a transfer student that's quite...
  3. Brillenpinguin

    Relationship mechanics

    Hello everyone! I've been thinking about building a relationship system into my game. By that I mean you can interact with characters and gain "points" that help you to achive a different ending for the game and maybe even start a romance. I thought it might be interesting to exchange, how...
  4. gvduck10

    How real life impacts gaming - heartbreak

    I guess I'm just posting this to vent, but last week, while laying in bed, my partner of 3.5 yrs admitted to no longer being in love with me or really attracted to me - and admitted that, despite his and my efforts, he has felt this way for some time now. In addition to struggling to eat...
  5. vindaca

    V's Relationship/Bio Window v2.4

    V's Relationships/Bio Window v2.4 Written Introduction   I have had a few requests for a relationship window, so I decided to make one. It's easy to use.   Screenshots Updates / Bug Fixes Any and all changes made can be found in the Description section located in the top portion of the...

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