1. tale

    Trb - RestoreBattle (Battle Save)

    RestoreBattle - Version 1.00 (2017/1/14) Creator name: Trb Overview Allows you to save in battle and resume the battle from the battle save. Features - Save and restore is done through plugin commands. - To reset the battle save, run the script $gameSystem._battleSaveData = [] <Plugin...
  2. DiegoAngelGamer

    Guns Plugin?

    Hello everyone. I've been trying to make a gun reload system in which you have guns with certain ammunition and when you run out of it you need to reload. Each weapon shoots a different number of bullets in the same turn and has different magazine sizes. (For example, the FAMAS in my game...
  3. SilverDash

    Howto transfer and reload the (same) map?

    I'd like to transfer within the same map, but also reload/refresh the map entirely again (as If you just entered from another map). I found no such option in the transfer command.
  4. Silent Darkness

    [Suggestion] Reload NewData resources

    So, by my understanding, when a new project is made, all files from the NewData folder are copied into the project folder. This is nice, and all, but my concern is regarding when you get new resources mid-project. It would be nice if there was an option in the program itself to force NewData...

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I'm very manic-y right now. I didn't sleep and I wanted to get a bunch of stuff done, but didn't get anything done except the bare bones concept for a POSSIBLE game.
And I can't sleep now because I'm probably gonna be hanging out with my brother and I gotta discuss a bunch of BroCoG (our game group) junk with him plus it's far to late to sleep NOW.
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