1. a_a

    How long does it take to make full game

    I'm thinking about buying the engine, but I'm also not sure if i'll have the time to do anything. How long does it take to make full game?
  2. Kino

    Rem Dictionary Version[1.01]

    Rem Dictionary Introduction This plugin is an extension of the Rem system; it takes advantage of the predefined dictionary tab in the plugin to create a scene that allows the developer to create a dictionary, or book of sorts, of important need to know terms in-game.  This is great for...

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The Dark Toon art style is now available as Steam branches. (Both for the main game and the demo)
There are 2 versions. One only affects combat, cutscene, and portraits. The other one changes more.
So, technically, the game now has 7 versions on steam.

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