1. FREE MV Looking for Plugin Developer for my Remake Project of Dragon Island Blue

    What is the Project about? This Game is a RPG Maker Remake of Dragon Island Blue. Dragon Island Blue is an old IOS Mobile RPG from 2012. It was made by Zigzagames and had quite the success for it´s time. Unfortunately after 2013 the devs stopped supporting it and with IOS 11 onward it was no...
  2. JayIsrael

    RMMV Star Trek: 55th Anniversary (a remake of the NES classic, Star Trek 25th Anniversary).

    This is my first ever attempt at creating a game. I decided I wanted to remake an old game, as that would give me a framework to try to emulate. I remembered that when I was a kid I bonded with my mom over the game Star Trek 25th Anniversary - she is a huge Trekkie, and actually learned English...
  3. Timespiraled_RPG

    RMVXA Passage of the Hollow Moon Remastered

    PASSAGE OF THE HOLLOW MOON REMASTERED Introduction In 2011, YouTube RPG Maker Creator Kelarly finished his fourth RPG Maker game: Passage of the Hollow Moon. While his previous projects were well made, I felt PHM was where he truly shined. The mapping, the characters, the story; I loved each...
  4. Canini

    Spyro the reignated trilogy

    So, anyone hyped for the reimagined Spyro trilogy. As a Playstation kid, these games were part of my childhood growing up and I still really love and replay them fairly regularly. From the reimagined Crash trilogy we know that we probably can trust Activision to make a competent job. I also...
  5. JtheDuelist

    Bust Art Remake...

    Resource Type: Bust Art Maker Format: MV Art Style: Artist's Original Description: I need someone to do a version of this bust art in a art style different than my own. What style is up to you- I'm not going to be real picky... I will give credit in-game. Reference Images:
  6. Cassoss

    Arc Engine for MV

    Hey, I think somebody here had listen about the arc engine plugin of arcthunder for sidescroller. The problem is, that it is in VX ACE, so you can't use it in MV. Can somebody here recode it to a MV plugin? That's the code:
  7. Final Fantasy X fan project

    So purely for fun and as a learning experiment I'm recreating Final Fantasy X on RPGMMV. Any suggestions on resource packs would be greatly appreciated, the default ones are rather lacking in recreating the look and feel of the game. Also any suggestions on how to recreate or at least resemble...
  8. rpgmaker20221

    Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets Ultimate Remake

    Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/oz6zlao6fu187dz/Harry_Potter_and_The_Chamber_of_Secrets_Ultimate_Remake.exe “Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets Ultimate Remake” Info: The game is remake of an old Gameboy Color Game called “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets”...
  9. HeroicJay

    Jay's Journey Double Feature! (demo included!)

    When monsters mysteriously attack the hometown of our protagonist, Jay, and his best friend, Carol, a talking lion appears, telling them of a wizard named Antignarot trying to conquer the world. Jay won't let that stand, so he and Carol join the lion (who claims to have once been a man named...
  10. rpgmaker20221

    Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Ultimate Remake

    This thread has moved to completed games:
  11. Macko89

    In need of Breath of Fire Battle System Script

    (READ THIS GUYS BEFORE GOING FURTHER ON) Right guys I'm not demanding for all this stuff even tho it looks like it but I'm not. I'm simply requesting for this stuff if ya cant help me then that's fine. I wont cry like a sissy girl or anything lol because I cant force ya to help me or out but if...
  12. Macko89

    In need of Day and Night, 4 Seasons with Clock and Key Script

    Day and Night, 4 Seasons with Clock and Key Script I need a script so the game can run in day and night but i want to make it optional to have it real time time or just game time but when ya get to a certain areas like Auria and Bleak where you get the LtKey & DkKey which ya use it controls...
  13. Macko89

    In need of a Expanding Stat System Script

    Adding more Stats to the Status Area:   Now as you have seen in the pics in the with the status there was less stats which is located in the Sprite Topic which is located at the bottom of here, compared to the breath of fire game. I need a script to add them stats to the game and so i can set...
  14. Macko89

    In need of an achievement system script

    Achievement Script   Games these days are based on getting and earning Achievements. So I thought hey why not have an achievement system for this game not only will the game play will make it enjoyable but trying to earn achievements on the way will make it much more enjoyable to play plus...
  15. Macko89

    In need of a Karn Fusion Script

    Karn's Fusion   Now I need a script that gives Karn's the ability to fuse certain characters together to make a stronger character which is useful because the bosses do get stronger. I need it to be in his spell's so it can be used in battle or out of the battle because he can walk round fused...
  16. Macko89

    In need of a Dragon Transformation Script.

    Dragon Transformation Script   I need a Dragon Transformation Script for Ryu so he can turn into his dragon forms like in the games but think I'm gonna add few more dragons to his list and also make it so its like breath of fire 2 where he stays in his dragon forms and give his dragons...
  17. kurowa

    Kanto Origins (plus demo)

    Hello all. This is my first time posting a game here. I've always liked Pokemon and games like Golden Sun, so I figured I'd combine them. Story Pokemon weren't always monsters that fit in your pocket. A long time ago, when people didn't know about using Apricorns to catch them with, they...
  18. hyde9318

    Dragon Warrior Monsters 2 (2012)

    Characters Cobi Cobi is the oldest child in his family. He has always loved helping his father out when it came to working with monsters. It was quite often that he could be found watching local monster masters training just outside the town limits as he was growing up. When he was told...

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