1. EpicFILE

    EpicFILE AniGame Remix [Tekken 7 | Kunimitsu Theme - Vermilion Gates | RPG Remix]

    Hello folks! I've been making music for a long time, mostly original music. Recently I'm trying to remix the music of anime and video games. It's a lot of fun and I want to share it with you. Today's post is the remix of DMC5 Vergil Theme, "Bury The Light". I think it really get a lot of hype...
  2. 10kk

    Copyright/Remixes and posting games on Rpgmakerweb

    First of all I want to point out that this thread is not meant to cause arguments, I am just trying to have some things clarified and want to pose a few questions to figure it out. I am not arguing for using copyrighted material in games, that is not the point. I would just like to know how...
  3. soniiiety

    alien creatures with other art

    above is alien creatures^ be warned some may give nightmares and be frighting , it's your responsibility if you get scared or not. zenron prototype above with some art from my dream as well, the dude is the suit is called kerlin.^ I will add more art/photos if i can fit it in
  4. eluukkanen

    Classic Remastered OST from Games - Released Every Week!

    Hello and Welcome to Remake Heaven The place where nostalgia and music meets one another! Vote Next Remake: https://www.eluukkanen.com/youtube-poll.html Listen Music at SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/remake-heaven This is a music project of one composer who wants to bring back old...
  5. Wonderfull Darkness

    Remix/Cover these music tracks any way you chose!

    Resource Type: (Music) Format: (Whatever you'd like) ((Though I prefer .mp3 or .ogg)) Description: (Composers can do what they wish! To remix/cover these tracks any way they chose.) You may chose one or both, if you'd like. I'm not sure if I need anymore info...
  6. purplekirby54

    RPG Maker VX ACE Battle #1 Remix!

    Hey, spent a bit of time on this. Hope y'all enjoy.
  7. Schematist

    Free Video game Remix Album!

    Hello Everyone! I recently finished my first official Remix Album and put it on Bandcamp. Every track can be downloaded for free! If any of these tracks catch your interest, you can use them as you see fit as you credit me The songs can be found at the link below! http://schematist.bandcamp.com/
  8. The Legendary Zoltan

    Alundra Rap Remix Video

    Yes! I just finished my Alundra rap video! I can't wait to make more of these types of songs! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mmdOlQGMYZM

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