1. yumekakaro

    (Ace) Renaming Auto-save File in-game

    Heya! So let's get to the point, what I'm trying to do is renaming the auto-save file in-game. Not having the player rename the file, but renaming it myself. The auto-save script I'm using is this one: My question is, would there be a...
  2. Chaos Stormclaw

    Changing name of Lv and EXP?

    So I know you can change the names of HP, SP, Skills, etc. in the database of RPGXP, but where can I change the name of exp and level in the script?
  3. Marioman13

    Renaming Skills?

    I have a skill named fire, and as the actor levels up, I want the skill "Fire" to be renamed to "Blaze" to "Inferno." Is there a script that renames skills?
  4. ZeuroMiller

    Clarification needed

    Hi everyone, I was making a new game and i wanted some doubts to be cleared. I want to rename everything in the database according to my story needs. that includes skills, Tilests, Actors, Animations, etc. If i rename everything, will I have to change my script according to my needs or will...

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