1. Kato-A

    How can I make an sprite animation repeat only once?

    A question: How can I make an sprite animation repeat only once? For example, I want my character to draw a sword from a rock, I made 10 sprites from him by slowly pulling the sword out of the rock to make it look fluid. How can I make it happen without having to change the sprite for each of...
  2. KimiRaven

    Skill Repeat not working

    Being stuck for a while now. I am trying to make a skill that repeat itself including inside the note 7 times. I am Yanfly Target Core and the Action Sequence Pack. I have try both built repeat system and the target core. Somehow it only repeat once. Anyone have idea what went wrong? Before I...
  3. VintageOddity

    Repeating Event, Help!

    So, I want the player to save their game at a desk. To save they need to turn on the desk lamp which allows them to save and afterward it turns the desk lamp off. I want this event to repeat itself each time the player interacts with the desk but I can't seem to figure out how to do it. Below...
  4. (SRD_TimedAttack) Creating a skill that hits a variable number of times.

    http://sumrndm.site/timed-attack-mash/ I'm looking to create a skill that hits enemies a variable number of times based on how well the player mashes the action button. The plugin uses the following variable $gameTemp.tas_power which in this case represents the percent of the bar that the...
  5. SumRndmDde

    Window Frame Anti-Stretch

    Window Frame Anti-Stretch by SumRndmDde Version 1.00     What This Plugin Does: By default, in RPG Maker MV, the frames of the windows are stretched. This means that if you have a simple pattern on your game's window skin, that pattern will be stretched out...
  6. Set of random numbers that cannot repeat?

    Hello. I have another question. I am making this game where you are in a "battle arena" and there is a guy you talk to, and he randomly selects a number, which selects a person, whose variable is also random. E.g. You walk up to this guy. He then picks the number "2". (variable "A")...
  7. Repeating cutscene

    Help, I've searched and searched but none of the answers work for me. I set up an event at my main character's home town as kind of a send off event to start the game. It doesn't trigger until the main character touches the spot on the outside of town. It was fine before but now when i revisit...
  8. SolemnDream

    How exactly do Skill Repeats work?

    Hiya! So I'm working on some skills and I have a few questions about how Repeats (under "Invocation" on the Skills database tab) work. Most specifically, I need to know if Damage is re-calculated with each repeat instead of copying the result from the first time, and also if the chance of...
  9. wrigty12

    Request: Strike different Random Enemy per Skill Repeat

    Right now, when you have a Skill set to 1 Random Enemy with a Repeat of more than 1, the Skill selects the Random Enemy, then executes all Repeats on that one enemy. I want a notetag on skills that allow it to select a new Random Enemy for each Repeat the skill has. Ex: There are 5 enemies...
  10. Tsukihime

    Random Repeats

    By default, RPG Maker allows you to have skills or items repeat a certain amount of times when you use them. For example, if you want an attack to always hit two times, you would set the "repeat" field to 2. However, what if you wanted to create a skill or item that will repeat a random number...
  11. Andov

    Event railcart cycle- cant repeat :-(

    Greetings. In a small area called mining camp I have a rail that comes from the edge of the map and enters a building. There's two things I want to do. I haven't been able to figure this out or find a solution allready posted. First: My downward rail bends ninety degrees and appears to go...

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