1. tale

    Test Report Set

    Test Report Set - 2019/10/11 Ver.1.0 Creator name: kido0617 Overview Plugin for easier reports when testing About A plugin for bug reports and testing effectively. It's difficult to capture a screenshot and include save file while playtesting. Thus, lead towards creation of this very plugin-...
  2. BlitzMalachite

    Game Title Bug Report

    Hello. There's a problem and I don't know if somebody has ever had it. The bug is that when you change the games name through the database. It removes everything. Especially the tilesets. But when I go to my database everything's there. Is there any way to fix this?
  3. Parallax Panda

    [Bug Report] Troop battlebacks are all the same

    So I've got the latest STEAM version of RPG maker and I've run into an interesting problem which is that, if I change the battle background for one of my troops, it changes it for ALL my troops! I've tried turning off all my plugins, although I doubt that has anything to do with it since this...
  4. Nightblade50

    What happens when a report is made?

    Just have a little question. This would be for the mods or admins. Or previous, retired mods like @Shaz. So my question is, what happens when someone reports a post? Do the moderators get a notification for it, or something else?
  5. JohnDoeNews

    Who to contact?

    So, I am part of a small group, who is more active on the steam fora than the official fora. The reason is simple: There I can actually help people, while here I am just average. The fora always has been mod-less. And even though sometimes a fight broke out, everything always got solved. Now...
  6. Tonko

    How should I react to this?

    Well, first of all, it is not my intention to attack anyone. Just wanted to share a bad experience in the Steam product forums. Yesterday, I asked a simple question there; How to make a chasing monster. And one of the moderators, instead of trying to help, made a very sarcastic (and at least...
  7. andai

    [Bug] Game Freeze on Scene_Item

    User: anDai Bug: The game freezes when player enter Scene_Item, and quickly spam Z and X (Confirm and Cancel) to exit the scene and go back in. How to Replicate the Bug: Go into Scene_Item Spam Z and X (Confirm and Cancel) After awhile, the game will crash. This bug can be replicated on any...
  8. Oscar92player

    [Bug] Map editor Zoom size issue (1.4.0/1.4.1 - 1.5.0/1.5.1)

    User: Oscar92player Maker Version: RPG Maker MV 1.5.0/1.5.1 (Steam Version) Bug: In previous versions of RPG Maker MV, when you zoomed a map, the sized was saved after closing the application. The result was, when you opened again RPG Maker MV, that the zoom size was the same as before you...
  9. Oscar92player

    [Bug] Making tables in Map editor (1.5.0/1.5.1)

    User: Oscar92player Maker Version: RPG Maker MV 1.5.0/1.5.1 (Steam Version) Bug: When you try to make tables over certain Tiles, the floor will create a strange effect, like if it is splitted apart. How to Replicate the Bug: Unrar the project. Open the project and see the map. There's only one...
  10. Oscar92player

    [Bug] Change Tileset Issue (now with 1.5.0/1.5.1/1.6.1/1.6.2) [SOLVED!!]

    UPDATE!!: There is a way to fix this issue. Refer to this post to know more about it! User: Oscar92player Maker Version: RPG Maker MV 1.5.0/1.5.1 (Steam Version) Bug: When you use the command Change Tileset to make an animated map (instead of using the TileA1 for water animations), the frame...
  11. Oscar92player

    [Bug] Frame drop when changing scenes (1.5.0/1.5.1)

    User: Oscar92player Maker Version: RPG Maker MV 1.5.0/1.5.1 (Steam Version) Bug: When you open a menu, change the map, or showing a Picture with fade options, the frames will drop from 60FPS to 15-10, resulting in screen tearing and lag. How to Replicate the Bug: Unrar the project. Make a test...
  12. Oscar92player

    [Bug] Music delay (1.5.0/1.5.1)

    User: Oscar92player. Maker Version: RPG Maker MV 1.5.0/1.5.1 (Steam Version) Bug: The BGM delays 1-2 seconds before it starts playing, in game and editor as well. How to Replicate the Bug: Unrar the sample project. Now open it with MV and start the game. Then, talk to the character below you...
  13. metronome

    Starting New Project Takes Too Long...

    Hi, I have just got my hand on RPGMaker MV and I am trying it right now. So far so good. But there is one thing that bugs me right from the start: The time it takes to start new project is....really long for me. Not THAT long, but certainly long. If you use RPGMaker VX Ace, you know what I am...
  14. [RMXP] Transparent Color Bug

    Hey there! I couldn't find an official thread for RMXP bug reports, so I'm posting a quick bug report here. If there's a more appropriate way to handle this, let me know. Any help is appreciated! Instead of going over things all over again, I will copy/paste the link to the original thread so...
  15. Kapik

    Unofficial Bug Report Thread (VX Ace)

    Why hello there! A quick search didn't reveal an official bug report thread, so I'm starting an unofficial one. I'm kinda new here, so if there's a more appropriate way to handle this, let me know. Probably some of them were already reported. Anyway, after toying with Ace for a couple of hours...

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