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  1. Lilly

    Lilly's Art✨Atelier✨

    Hello! My name's Lilly! I'd like to help people create game projects with my art, I'm ready to take request from anyone who needs my help! :Terms: You can request me to draw you Busts, Menus(Title/Game Over etc.), Logos, Others. :Rules And Guidelines: 1. I don't feel comfortable drawing NSFW...
  2. Juanita Star

    I need A big rose (tileset)

    In short: I’m in need of a big rose. Would love if it could match First Seed Material tilesets or the default tiles. If the rose could be of various colors (like white, red and blackish) I be grateful, but again, not a requisite. For: Rpg Maker VX/Ace. Some refs below.
  3. kR1pt0n1t3

    Hiddenone's Battler Character Sprites?

    Resource Type: Characters Maker Format: MV Art Style: Cartoony? Description: So I'm trying to set up my enemy graphics for the amazing Atelier Rggs Chrono script and for that to work nicely I need to combine hiddenone's battler graphics with character sprites for each battler but I can't...
  4. Search: Generator Parts Holding Items

    Hello, my name is MrKlamma. In this thread I am searching for generator parts for the rpg maker mv, so the character looks like he/she is holding a weapon or tool (axe, hammer, fishing rod etc) in his/her hand or hands, because I am a real noob as graphic artist (and don't know any graphic...
  5. MobileSuitSonic

    Warzone tiles?

    Is there anything usable for this concept? There is battlefield music available for purchase, but I doubt there's any graphics to go along with them.

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