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  1. Gabe Denzien

    I need a script/plugin that can play a bgs during pretitle movie and title screen.

    Hi, I need a script or plugin capable of playing a bgs during a pretitle movie (Used HimeWorks Pretitle Events), continue through and play during the title screen, but stop when the game is actually started. I found another script here that allows this, which I put in my title plugin...
  2. Skill Message Language Swap Function

    The title is a bit confusing, but I'll give out the background to my request. I've been using the RTK1_Option_EnJa plugin to implement a Japanese-English Language switch system. URL for the aforementioned plugin's info page:
  3. CylusTheSylveon

    Mother 3-like combo system

    I was wondering if it was possible to make a combo system like this in RPG Maker MV: I'd love to have it as some kind of plugin for a game I'm trying to make. I thought it was a cool idea.
  4. Warilized

    Looking for advanced math plugin

    Hello and good day/night~ I'm looking for an "advanced math/arithmetic plugins" to calculate some math prob. (I need it for my math quiz like game). The math subject is basic linear programming if you are wondering. I'm searching for plugin with a plugin call that can save to a certain var...
  5. cedr777

    State sounds

    Hi, is there any plugin that lets you play a sound whenever a state is afflicted to the player/enemy? I want to add a shrieking sound when the player/enemy gets afflicted with a "Curse" state. As an added bonus, when the state expires/gets dispelled it will also let you play a sound. Like when...
  6. KitteyWolf

    Transparent animated AutoTiles [MV]

    Hey! So I've been looking around for a way to make autotiles that have a transparent background, that way say i can use a watertile, on ANY terrain. having the ability to have a pond/lake that spans over many different terrain types. I looked around to see if someone had figured it out before-...
  7. Goddiga

    Scroll, persist and change direction for choices/cursors.

    Hello! I would like to request plugins for an extra settings for choice and cursor! I used to request this in VX ACE but now I'm planning to use them in MV as well. *Noted that I might use them in a commercial project so please tell me about your deal and permission. 1. Scrolling choice/cursor...
  8. Mooshry

    Row Battle System

    Hello. I need a Lane/Row battle system for one of my many, MANY, games. Basically, i need a battle system that lets you change the formation of characters every turn, by using a move command which would move to any column/lane if a character is not occupying that space. And the monsters would...
  9. Lucifurai

    [Request] Legaïa 2 Battle Plugin : Special Arts !

    Hi Guys,  This is my first plugin request. I'll try to do my best to explain what I want. I'm not feeling at ease when I have to talk in english (at least google is my friend). So just tell me if don't understand me ^^,  I looked in every corner of Javascript gold MV sections there was...

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